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Playing Some Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team! Picked Up Ultimate Legend Tim Brown & Testing Him Out! Make Sure To Hit That Like Button For More Content Like This

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Naughty_ Snuggles says:

Lmao he quit up 3 lmao

The Possesed Monkey says:

THAT wonder warfare 2 level up sound though. *likes video*

Shemar Lewis says:

damn EA didn’t really mess you with u those two games.

dante says:

bro how do you send the zone defender down ?

slammin sam says:

If the hb is lined up next to the qb in shotgun, how do you put him on the other side?

Sportsmaniac2916 says:


Josue Melendez says:

Really hope Demaryius has a better year coming up so he can get a better card that mans a goon, still on my team. Keep grinding GPH

Will Terry says:

Why do people quit when they are winning? WTF I don’t even quit when I am losing by 21

APMMagna says:

What playbooks do you use Adam?

Ismail Yasin says:

Where is the fucking South Park my Nigga. It’s better than madden

Yajirobe DBS says:

Ill give u 100k for d thomas


LMAOO he quit when he was up by 3 your face i was dead

Robert Jones says:

Did you come up with the idea of putting in sound effects and shit on your own? I love it makes me want to watch more.

Lekan O says:

Lmao 4:49 this man was dazed love your vids bro

Call it How i see it says:

Best madden channel lmaoo U funny asf .

Azte.c says:

What’s your Offense playbook ?

Lewis Mckiernan says:

Loving these videos at the moment, keep the grind up man!!

Mr. Ham says:

I played a 12 year old who had T.Brown he made me change my who secondary lineup with the amount of lobs and jump balls he thru

God Moo Gamer says:

nice vid love the player

KRAMER102591 says:

people quitting is such aids in this game, if you quit a certain amount of games it should cut you off from playing online

WORKSbaby says:

Can someone tell me who is better 95 bob sanders or cam chancellor

Mr _tan23 says:

r u going 2 do 96 telvin smith


Is it me or did Night Train lane become a 101 overall and force 2 dropped passes, two sacks, 1 pick, and a sack fumble all in 2 games .

Sean Gilbert says:

Keep grinding bro ✊️✊️

Hew Brew says:

50,000 wager match?

Owen Himes says:

demaryius thomas is my favorite player and your my favorite player can i please have him bro

Ameer Rehman says:

Yea sure, blame the pick six on the game.

Zeb Taylor says:

PSN zebt763

Bobby Heath says:

bro, you gotta try out 97 Jordan hicks. I got him day 1 and he’s a beast

Vincent Muehlstedt says:

Is that sharpe worth it

iPullUp2DaHaus says:

Go head and send Demaryius to the homie. Go Broncos

Christian Keller says:

love the vids adam

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