Days of War EPIC Normandy D-Day Landings! – Days of War Gameplay

Days of War Gameplay – Normandy D-Day Landings! German Defense as Americans land on Normandy Beach – Days of War WW2 FPS
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Days of War brings me back to the good old days of playing Medal of Honor and Call of Duty 1 & Call of Duty 2 on PC. Days of War is a classic fast-paced WW2 shooter with 32 player infantry combat in a high fidelity environment. Days of War is currently in Steam Early Access.

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Peter Voller says:

The medal of honor map had 2 bunkers

Ramon Miquel says:

Tthis does not look like omaha beach at all, still fun though

chris Bauer says:

lol I’d never play this looks sooo fucking bad

Mason S says:

Medal of Honor came out 15 years ago? O.o… oh gosh, where did time go? I had it on my Xbox and used to play the Dday mission on it all the time! It’s not too shabby in its age though… explosions, getting blown off the boat into the water with bullets at you, still looks pretty cool to this day. But then again… most 2000s games are fairly decent, if not, better, since developers of thee big games are sometimes lazy and in it solely for the money rather than historical value or gameplay.

Azhari Azhar says:


Phraser 234 says:

its this battelfield 1?

CaptainPenguin says:

MEDAL OF HONOR Frontline!!!!!!!!! its almost exact

Palanging :3 says:

You should of choose the mg42 on the german side

Venomous Lyrics says:

is it just me or does Baron sound like Owen Wilson

Jayteric says:

Who was talking when baron was a German? oh it’s a stranger

hyenachase f says:

they are having 100 player server in this

Le Loominati says:

looks like dday after 5 months

Collin Culver says:

** Omaha beach. know what your talking about bra

Mauricio de nasau says:

The developers should put in the game artillery operators, distant bombardment cannons so that the map always has explosions, air attacks directed from ground as rtcw, flamethrowers, doctors who can heal the wounded, lieutenants with packages of ammunition that can Help their teams.

Above all they should add blood and when they shoot you, you get hurt and if you do not find a doctor in minutes die or something like that

zsolteditor says:

BATTLEFIELD 1 is out, this looks like MOHA 15 years ago.. wtf?

Madcow Computer says:

Days of War !! Can it be Play Online 100 player similar like 53 vs 53 PvP Gundam Online Games too!

Cocca Lacocca says:

the gunsounds gave me cancer and aids and made a New virus called cansaids


I need to try this game D:

Dodos Adams says:

this game is free?

Jdp8604 :- says:

They need to make this map way bigger also will this game be free and how do I get in it now?

Master Travel says:

Where is DD tanks

Potatomeister 45 says:

Who else is waiting for Rising Storm 2?

trent diesel says:

i tried to play and i was getting like 2 frames and i have a gtx 1060

Pero Cigla says:

is this singleplayer or multiplayer, or what?

Andrej Cimerman says:

short bursts man

Frooty says:

The recoil is “realistic” LMAOO GTFO!

Theokitsos kitsos says:

That’s a pity it is not free but this game is pretty good 🙂 !!

jay tay says:

looking for A battle field ww2 themed game

Frederick Röders says:

Aw man. the map looks great if not for one flaw. Why did they add the ditch on the left side of the beach? What a way for the allies to skip the beach advance entirely.
Omaha beach maps never really worked. More often than not, the allies snipe-farm the axis team from the beach. Axis simply get picked off whenever they peek over their defences. The MG’s are rarely ever manned for longer than 2 seconds, because its a free kill for the allies.

Faith Ronin says:

You sound like tetra ninja 😀

Oz Games says:

This game would be a huge hit on Xbox One or PS4

mydreamboy says:

Game sucks! No special “fake bombs and crazy bullet sounds” going off to give it more of that crazy war game…… fucken gay.

Isaiah Ramon says:

That nost player was going off

MRG Underground says:

is this for PC? Could Windows 10 play it if it is?

simpolang says:

not bad…just that the sound of the gunshots sound so weak..

Kyle Pelling says:

at 6:13 it sounds like he is Seth Rogen laughing

Romilos Fronimides says:

Lol… A landing boat with… two Rangers onboard!!!!!! Hahahahaha… There were 30+ men in each boat.

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