DAWN OF MAN – THE COPPER AGE! – Ep.06 (Survival/City Builder)

DAWN OF MAN GAMEPLAY – Ep.06 (Survival/City Builder)
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● Website: http://madrugaworks.com/dawnofman/
● Twitter: https://twitter.com/madrugaworks

About Game:

Take control of a settlement of the first modern humans, guide them through the ages in their struggle for survival.

Dawn of Man is a survival/city-builder from the creators of Planetbase.

The game starts in the Stone Age, and takes you up to the Iron Age, spanning more than 10,000 years of human prehistory.

You will have to get your people to survive, expand and evolve, just like our ancestors, facing the challenges that the environment will throw at you.

● Hunt

Animals were a vital source of food and resources for ancient humans. Use their meat to feed your people and their skin and bones to make clothing and craft the tools you will need to stay alive. Confront Mammoths, Wholly Rhinos, Ancient Bison, Megaloceros, Cave Lions and other species that roamed the earth at the time.

● Gather

Collect a variety resources from the environment: fruit, berries, water, wood, flint, stone, ores. Use them to prepare food, to make tools and to build structures in your settlement.

● Plan for harsh times

Fishis more abundant in spring, berries and fruit can be collected in summer and animals are easier to come by when it’s warm. When winter comes, make sure to have enough non-perishable food and warm clothing in order to survive.

● Expand and fortify your settlement

Build more homes and facilities for your people, in order to expand your population. Construct fortifications and craft weapons, so you are ready for when the inevitable conflict comes.

● Research Technologies

Each new discovery will make it easier for your settlement to be able to support larger populations, but will also bring new challenges: increased food demand, morale issues and more frequent raider attacks.

● Build Megalithic Structures

Our ancestors were capable of incredible engineering feats: mine massive rocks from the environment, transport them using sledges and construct colossal stone structures.

● Control Nature

Unlock farming technologies to grow your own vegetables, so you can feed large amounts of people. Domesticate animals to produce food, resources and provide increased muscle power.

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blacc beard says:

Is there a hierarchy in this game? Like a chief or law giver, or like the oldest original families are considered a kind of noble family?

Dominic Maples says:

Love this series! Plz keep it up!

Uric Lothbrok says:

Put storage on the other side of the river dammit

Brax Wearing says:

Def like age of empires

FangerTanger says:


zarejosin says:


Theo Edmunds says:

That blowjob tho

GraphiteEagle says:

I am angry that you placed that building like that….

TheFuzzypuddle says:

*looks at cookie*

badejong says:

You said it… I was about to comment that everything is just straight lines… Freeform is needed badly in this game.

minkoff justin says:

imagine living nice and content like that then one day, bam, the roman legions show up and turn your whole world upside down.

Fnoffen says:

I believe Aurochs are pronounced [Awerocks] which is probably connected to the old Swedish name for them, Uroxe…

TheIdiot says:

Someone got trampled 1:40

Chubz Lich says:

I want this game so bad

Jo Ne says:

Hmm is the farming simulator series dead allrdy?

Pande Mukweli says:

i wish the ai would bury the dead

Espectral Tiger says:

Upgrade the campfires and mortars.

Gonzalo Mora says:

Like a so? Like a so

Fnoffen says:

Doors in MODERN Sweden open outwards due to fire escape reasons. Old defensive gates would open inwards because if a battering ram were to try and open it only the locking beam would break and need replacing as opposed to the entire gate breaking and needing to be replaced.

Mahamed Khadar says:

What was the game name please tell me

CLueless Dutch Biker says:

Coming home from a hard days work, watching this series is so relaxing :3 love the game and your commentary.

Deus Ex says:

Finish the Wall

Sam HH HajHassan says:

Hey why don’t u move the holl village fresh start build a great base

Angus Davies says:

I think you have another gate opportunity between the last two you’ve built. There’s another mountain path up in that corner, and then you could move your other gate around a bit further

Semirotta says:

*I wish I had so much subs that I could get my hands on this game. This is exactly the type of game I love. . .*

JACOB says:

I love this series!

Lucas Smith says:

Next episode plz

SilverKnite99 says:

I didn`t know Keralis likes IronMaiden

Daddy Kon says:

Doors open inward in the U.S. to make it easier for the police to kick down.

romu b says:

12:46 made my day

Lord commander Echowolf Of the Dark Angels says:

They should add where you can go on raids

Emmanuel Galea says:

Luvd it Keralis

Medzid Jasarovic says:

Ammm,where,where is it!Its been 24h I wanna a new episode.

Baruto UziMaki says:

Dude you sound like a nice person

Jee Aa En Lourens says:

well done again for this episode, rapid expansion!

Ryin Mcghee says:

I like how you split the village and farm area

Virtilise says:

Gött att du är tillbaka! 🙂

Nate Sauro says:

Wow this game seems awesome !

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