Dawn of Man Gameplay ► PREHISTORIC SURVIVAL! ◀ New City Building Strategy Game 2018 2019

Dawn of Man is the spiritual successor to Planetbase, in the game you command a settlement of ancient humans, guide them through the ages in their struggle for survival.

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Robert Krogmeier says:

More please, we’d be Vyri happy.

Jehsu Plummer says:

Calm down mate its frickin beta

Skye Storme says:

Full Series Playlist – https://bit.ly/2S8g6r3

Léo Bertolino says:

Oh great !
I’ve seen the anouncement (is it the correct term ?) on PlanetBase’s main menu. I was hyped, let see what this new game looks like. 🙂

youknow 1t says:

You litteraly placed the new crafting house right next to the old one and still didn’t noticed they looked exactly the same. My god that was frustrating to watch, specially when you had the two buildings in the middle of the screen…

bikerboyz599 says:

Might be 14 days after watching this but Skye keep up good work. Been watching all your stuff even before subscribed wanting to catch up. P.S mars japan is great!!! waiting on next one.

Alex Oja says:

Use cinematic mode. Select unit, lower right box has a camera button in its right top corner.

Jay George says:

The reason the female is red is because she’s more aggressive with a baby

Luredreier says:

I actually prefer z and c myself.
Oh, and by the way, please set up a new stick gathering area as you managed to delete the old one…

MiniBlaze says:

I generally change my input under options to allow my choice of keys. Is that not an option in this game yet?

Cherry Boy says:

Ancient Cities rip off before it’s release.

flamingdog76 says:

did planetbase actually get finished

Charlie says:

Hey Skye love your channel but I have to ask… has anyone told you you sound exactly like John Oliver (Psych Prof. from Community)?

TheJDruck says:

complains about cam rotation, dont turn around to look for flint behind him accross the river.

Angga Ihza says:

2:53 i thought u said the n-word, lol

Glen R says:

Looks like a fun game, though your play style is very frustrating, ie. missing your existing crafting hut, cancelling work areas, failing to recognise which work area icon you have selected, setting too many jobs at the same time (3 huts, 6 tanning spots, etc), while you have so few people you can not build so many things, I’m wondering if this type of game is new to you, because you certainly play it like either a) you’ve never played this type of game before or b) you’re high.

Tegnet says:

Man… When I saw this video, I thought it was Ancient Cities. Forgot which was which…
Not that this doesn’t look like good fun. I’ll probably be getting both. But Ancient Cities looks like it’s way beyond this… That one is sadly gonna release in 2031. My guess anyway ;P

Also… Come on… “Uuuh how do I rotate? Uuuh… Uuuuhm… Bharh… Hmmmm…”
I know you’re trying to make a joke. But it doesn’t really work when the fucking tooltip is telling you how to rotate 😛

Michael Clee says:

tribes were’nt really that small

Atnas666 says:

More more more…

Jimmy Brandell says:

36:50 “Are we going to be able to survive our first winter?” Winter had just ended about a minute ago. There was a pop-up and the ground became white during winter.

T. A. G says:

finally, a good fukin game in your vid list

Diarmuhnd says:

@0:23 Ugh, “that” ‘N” word. I know, it comes from a different root word than the actual racist insult, but its rather easy to use other words which mean the same thing.

Rick Johnson says:

ok, no ppl means
no hunting… slow down

Prize says:

Are you going to play Surviving Mars again? There has been a huge update that changes the game quite a bit, including the difficulty challenge percentage limit. I was able to go up to 1035% on that.

The Pixelated Fox says:

You can move and rotate at the same time that’s what I do when they make the rotation like that it’s a lot easier than rotate then move then repeat

Eliot's Vlog says:

Is there going to be a YMCA for the village people?

Ferd's Legions says:

Well done. Out of the 3 that I have seen try this you are the only one who chopped down a tree instead of having to trade for a log. lol Looks like a lot of fun playing can’t wait til it is released. Thanks for sharing.

Empire Tutorials says:

oh cmon stop crying , alot of games have z and c as rotating

Fredrik Åfeldt says:

Hahaha “Flint pick”. That’s ridiculous. Flint is really brittle. Sharp, but breaks against most other rock types. Using a flint pickaxe would just break the pickaxe. Sorry… nerd warning… But yes, a biface is a category of two-faced stone tools. Ground breaking technology. I bet that older people during the stone age didn’t trust them.

Bradley tucker says:

Dude complained more than anyone I know

Zackariah Cole says:

I would love another play through of Banished. Your’s were the best, Skye. I learned so much.

Adam Ollerenshaw says:

That red wholly rhino is a mother protecting her child

EMH_doctor _lover says:

It’s ironic that you are playing a pre-industrial and prehistoric survival game on a technological machine.

Mogipbob says:

Fish is E-fish-ient 🙂

Bogdan Florin says:

I want this game badly

_Barto_Simpsons_ says:

stop cry over the hotkeys. you can just move the hotkeys…

Danny Jeter Sr. says:

Both the 2 things that u complain about are dumb

Erik Lundqvist says:

I see splattercat level of cluelessness 🙂

Eclidean says:

“Wish you could zoom in”…… everything you can click on and select has a camera icon that zooms you in

Max Griswald says:

**Gets message saying he survived the winter and +1 Knowledge**
**2 minutes later…***
“Cut some logs, get some fuel for winter! Are we going to be able to survive our first winter? God I hope so…” – Skye

That kind of “suspense” is as bad as some old superhero shows: “Will our hero survive this? Find out next time on Skye Storme Presents!” But there are already like 5 seasons after that…

Billy A says:

20 mins in and no new tent even though people display is red another idiot playing this lol 24 mins and finally he places tent but has load of shit waiting to build lol trys to get flint moves his sticks next to tiny pirate worst guy I’ve watched

Anthony Livingston says:

It’s camera is like that of total war

Rob Bleeker says:

They could add the age on the pop-up of the person when you are clicking on them. You do not want to send out an old person for hunting

Ioan-Andrei Batinas says:

this guy is so funny to watch, i need a crafter, i don’t have one, and almost puts his crafter near the one he has. Doesn’t read the interface correctly but still fun to watch. Also btw the way you move the camera is good. The game is so good. I can’t wait to get it. Thanks for the videos.

Chakat Nightsparkle says:

there are a couple games dont remember the names been awhile. but they are out there, where Z and C will Rotate the items.

HMS victory Ryan says:

Maybe the female Rhino was red because it had a baby?

SpiritualAnarchist says:

Any confirmation of a console release please?

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