Mirra Mode unlocked! Watch Chadical shred some sick mill blades while pounding MD Code Red and eXtreme Jacked Doritos, bro! *(jams CrazyTown CD into dash, peels out in step-dad’s Nissan Maxima)*

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Perposterown says:

“has anybody seen the movie chef?”

Peanut butter James says:


Shirley Aumiller says:

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Preston Sturgis says:

They didn’t make an RAD references 🙁

Spookjax says:

Hey did you guys know that Princess Diana had dandruff?
They found her head and shoulders in the car.

needamuffin says:

I don’t know if Quantum of Solace makes Casino Royale a better movie, but the existence of Casino Royale definitely makes Quantum of Solace better. I actually like Quantum of Solace better than Spectre, I feel like they tried to do too much with Spectre all the while conspicuously ignoring Quantum of Solace’s existence. Quantum was mentioned once as was Dominic Greene, even though there were amply opportunities when both LeChiffre and Silva are mentioned plenty of times, and Camille, the best Bond girl, is never even alluded to.

Wills Vids says:

Boomstick 🙂

Xtreme Games says:

They bashed me when I said Funhaus were making fun of recently dead people. Well, now you know I was right.

Sam Maluth says:

The editing in this one is so good

Henry Nuis says:

Wow this video was almost 10 minutes long, watch out guys you might die of old age..

Mowmauf says:

so who writes the description now that joel is gone

drz2014 says:

oh hey, PeanutButterGamer is pretty cool.

hvelie16 says:

When you do so bad at a video game that you turn into Michael from the office.

Cosmo Kramer says:

Chad looks like a Chad. I like Chad.

MrYTGuy1 says:

2 should’ve been bishop from the 90s X-Men cartoon

KappyGaming says:

5:31 is it just me? or is the guy in the background look like Barry from the game grumps.

BlackFlagAntiFa says:

I like when they rip on Mountain Dew while clearly being paid by Diet Red Bull

Cogito Ergo Sum says:

Chad looks like Justin Beiber during his midlife crisis

Jakov says:

*”Why would you shoot yourself if you own a bike? Just do a backflip”* – Adam, 2016

Luchingador says:

is there a new editor in town? :v

r2c123 says:


Reece Walker says:


Love the diversity

Elijah M. says:

wtf is this editing

David Esparza says:

nah red looks like pink it suk pink is for baby girl like 1 year old

Chadical Chad says:


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