DAAANG! THE DISRESPECT!! – NFL FEVER 2004 Gameplay | #ThrowbackThursday

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Andrew Fackenthall says:

EA will never let go of that license because then they would actually have to make a good football game and not just reuse the same trash they been using for the past 15 years…its ashame madden is the only football game we have smh…i need a 2k17 nfl game asap lol

Nate Nation says:

need for speed

Solomon Tucker says:

Mav had Doug Flutie that why he won

OneCentHardaway says:

How tf are these tackle animations better than maddens

Mcauley man8 says:

Go back to some nfl street. Didn’t juice win once against Mav? Might make him feel a little better haha.or have Trent play juice in the nfl street

The Trap says:

Wish Madden 17 had that lead thing that this game had.

Emil Brisbane says:

Play 2k my career next mav

David Mazzini says:

Love watching u guys play these retro games,you’ve both got skills too but this particular title is straight ass broskis.

Atomic Smurf says:

Where’s fight night at tho

Katie Detmer says:

my dad was on the field goals

Dan Wasylk says:

Mav can you do a play through of Punch-Out for the Wii I think it would be a really funny throwback type of game!

Ace Breao says:

Never heard of this game

youtuber_ 1 says:

Madden 09 #memories

Joe Bear says:

The type of QB that were 22 was Doug floutie lol

Tommy Sloan says:

Both the pansies and creampuffs are rated higher than the Eagles. That says something.

Josh Goins says:

play nba jam on fire edition on xbox 360

Texas Ranger03 says:

Play the bigs

Drew Mooneyham says:

its delivery… from Blitz the League

KingCeezzz says:

They need to put some respeck on his name

The shot Master says:

I watch this even tho it got uploaded 18 hours ago

Garrett 1234 Griffis says:

nba2k 16

Jordan Saint Seiya says:

Hey mav3riq can we play madden 16 head to head

Kaleb Slaton says:

Definitely some baseball show 16

Tyrese Abercrombie says:

U both should play splashdown rides gone wild

pikachu master says:


Allan Dos Santos says:

Auction block please fam

SavageGaming says:

NFL Tour for 360?

Amari Williams says:

The Juice Pittman WHERE

Mason Rumsey says:

Yo why Deion call juice a pansy for taking a field goal but then he took one too? Lol

Dank Lemon Kush says:

these throwbacks are nice, #teammavthrowinghands

pigfeet79 says:

yo mav can you please do the dunk contest in NBA 2k10 against juice

Sebastian Watson says:

iMAV3RIQ can you plz mention me in the next video sebastian watson and can you play the divison

Donte Allen says:

Mav really made Juice force watch a replay lmao

Damien Beltran says:

Where the weekly matchup with juice and trent ?

Kamden 7809 says:

Tell me how this games animations are better than madden 16

Josh Goins says:

# teamMav

Kareem Jamee says:

the shirt that Kevin Hart was wearing I’m from Jamaica

DAN KAPT says:

Please play madden 10 ps2 #bestgameever

Kiing Jus says:

is juice from philly ?

HotSauce Productions says:

play halo 5!!!

Pokémon In motion says:


Aftermath 667 says:

bring back nfl the show

DrunkPanda says:

its sad animations are better then madden

Jared Rockford says:

You guys should do Nfl blitz pro! it came it 2004 ps2, xbox, gamecube!

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