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Nick Faw says:

He won fair and square. Everyone has to deal with e a it’s madden

king6eor6e says:

Adam onside kick– tap when it’s half filled..then tap again when the meter gets to the left side of the accuracy line or whatever.

Jason Santos says:

That play is supposed to be a cover 4 beater, but your guys were in great position to atop the catch, that is just ea screwing you over

Max Camden says:

Actually it came down to you getting caught by a cover 4 beater in a cover 4 you were beat that wasn’t bullshit you got outplayed stop taking away credit where it’s clearly do.

Andrew Craig says:

What are the best play books for cover linebackers ?

Aj_24 says:

Nice Vid bro Keep it up

zach coggins says:

And yet people will still say this is a great Madden. And it’s not just competitive players, it’s the people on the forums too.

dajahun massie says:

Loving the wagers Adam good vid

Jay R says:

you run that cover 4 drop over and over but you complain lol

Anderson Lovinsky says:

Paul Kraus fuck up on that cover 4 when you see a QB roll to your side You should take a deep angle cause some body coming to your side of the field so that Brian Dawkins can stay on his side to watch any receiver coming on his side but that EA logic for you

Jake Adamson says:

Fat Fuck

Aj Pascarella says:

Real talk you’ve come a long way my G! You keep your composure for the most part and give your opponent credit where it’s due…. BUT at the end of the day EA can eat a dick

Christian Montgomery says:

Adam can you try out 96 Jordan Howard? He looks like a freaking beast

Chase Alexander says:

says dude runs “fag d” he then the runs same play. technically you run fag d as well?!?!

Lauchboy Laser says:

He used a glitchy Cover 4 Beater and you clicked on Dawkins. Then he dove to waste some clock i guess, not to celebrate. You’re using the forced man coverage glitch on the other hand. Stop with these double standards please. Both you and him manipulated the defense the other one chose with your play calls.

IToOMUhFxCkiNGoOD says:

get that re big fella

Mark Anthony Martinez says:

why dose EA hate you

Mateo McCartney says:

I’m glad watching these videos knowing I ain’t the only one getting fucked In madden

Shane Cydrus says:

Sad the game spots him three free turnovers in the first quarter. EA spends their time making cards for money and less time putting out a realistic quality game. Happens to all of us bro. Always that one out of 5 games where EA decides to give you an unfair advantage.

Blitz says:

are you supposed to
or tap repeatedly the y x or a buttons on catches?

aR WarrioR x says:

is buying xb1?

Nms 14 says:

unlucky bro

manwithaplan125 says:

wasnt running fag d he was sending 3 most of the time

Goldenswipe says:

Great video adam, i love watching and making videos

LilPat1017 says:

Great video. It’s funny the same glitchy plays like that last speed burst hasn’t been patched or changed in what, 3 years now? Lol

Micilo 419 says:

Get mack again

bronzedeuce says:

I’ve had that same WR glitch. It’s like they think they are running curl routes.

Jon u says:

I don’t think your opponent tried celebrating but I think he was trying to dive at the one

chad baker says:

yo adam can you show the opponents team like you use to do in wager matches

WoopFromThe410 says:

Get MVP mike Wallace

Fumble Forcer says:

The fact that you didn’t rage at 3:02, 3:41, and 9:13 impresses me, even I would have raged and I don’t rage that often

KRAMER102591 says:

my nigga gph got his ass waxed

king6eor6e says:

Not coming @ you bro but motioning the rb over and hiking it is kinda a glitch. Makes the linebacker auto go to man coverage.. but keep up the good vids brother

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