Cliff Empire Gameplay Impressions – Post Apocalyptic Sci Fi City Building!

Cliff Empire Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Cliff Empire and check out an uber cheap colony builder which recently entered early access. Build your city and balance its ecology or die in the attempt!

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Mac Wiley says:

at this point i only watch splat if falcon decides to no longer continue a game he covers. how is it you cover the same games but he’s more informed splat?

Tsarn SG says:

Recycling center will help the matter problem

danieldb631 says:

Kept checking that “I am lonely” +15 indicator for almost the whole video.

Basil says:

You should really play cities skylines.

Lance Uppercut says:

No kids or pets by the cliffside plz xD

Adam Ollerenshaw says:

This game is weird, like just weird

Melgiblet says:

I am sooooo glad you made a video about this game. Keep it up!!!!❤️

Drogdor says:

Sigh. Splat is shit.

ttarabbia says:


couguard says:

need some polish but very neat concept.

KJ19 says:

Play unterned

Beau Villamor says:

dude for ten bucks this looks good, ill have to snag it

Frank Tiemens says:

It looks and sounds pretty

timegate80sg says:

cash is very important early game and you only have 2k you have to build the trading portal next before it dries up.
people only comes in groups of 25 so even if you have empty spaces in the buildings,if they don’t add up to 25,nobody will come.
get the airport as is used for making drones.and once you start building on the second cliff,zeppelins will become your main source of income.

kyrook says:

This game has some potential in my opinion. If it wasn’t for the little things, this game would be a 10/10 for me. But the sprites of the people and the entirely white design aspect of the game are off putting. Now this is Early access so that can be fixed. Also was that Splatt making his own version of Big Gay Al’s ‘I’m Super, Thanks For Asking’ from the South Park Movie?

ruan viljoen says:

good work good vids keep it up 😀 first also XD

Joe Wilson says:

People considering farms ugly is one of my pet peeves in Rimworld too. Why would someone with a green thumb think a field of crops they planted is an ugly environment?

Kame San says:

Just love your channel. The epitome of a YouTube personality and the fact that you bring all of these gems to light in the sea of steam obscurity.

Jerald Andry III says:


pubcollize says:

The searchlight is a bit too bright. Very realistic, but kinda blinding.
Can it be tweaked in the settings?

jackenape says:

Comment and like for comments’ and likes’ sake.

Ian Tan says:

Hey, Blue Don- Origin has landed!

jgg1415 says:

Frostpunk 2033 looks great.

A Smasher says:

let me walk out the front door… ah shit I got wet, fine ill go out the baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. splat

Krysnha says:

Another post apocapyptic, am i the only one that thinks thatpost apocalypsei starting to get boring or over done

Azazoth says:

Love the aesthetic of this one, please do more of it.

Beezy says:

This looks interesting, thanks for sharing as always Splatt.

Sam says:

Matter not Metal!

Nice video, keep them coming mate XD

catbert7's Gaming Highlights says:

Trying to recolonize the Earth in a desperate race for survival but aesthetics are still a concern… ah humans, you never change!
Seriously though, this game makes an alarmingly small amount of sense in so many ways 😮

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