Cliff Empire ► Upcoming Sci-fi City-builder & New City-building Gameplay! – [Gamer Encounters]

A sci-fi city-builder with limited space and multiple city management! Cliff Empire has some interesting city-building gameplay that feels a bit like Aven Colony with its own unique twists to things. What do you think? Also, thanks ChaosFangs for gifting this to me!

Cliff Empire Official Website

#CliffEmpire Steam Page

Gamer Encounters Impressions & Reports
Neither a let’s play nor a review. #GamerEncounters is a first impressions format of video game coverage. These are #newgames that I have spent fewer than 2-3 hours playing and can be of titles that have fully released or are still in early access/Alpha/Beta.

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darkangel102860 says:

I hope it keeps developing like this it looks really good. With the city-building boom I’ve been really hopeful but most them are still in development. You use the sunny cliff solely for powering the other two. Right?

Niscimble says:

I love that the paparazzi still exists post apocalypse.

Eric Payawal says:

Debris is useful, if you have a recycling center to convert it into matter. It can be quite cost effective to buy debris from the trading platform, as it can be sold back for a profit (assuming you’re not using it up immediately.) You can also upgrade a matter mine to produce both matter and debris, if you don’t have a trading platform yet.

Saerain says:

27:10 for surprise body horror.

Borlumi says:

Am i the only one who’s bothered by the absence of an organic energy/people/goods transport system, like roads and such?

Jari Gustafsson says:

Hope your bank does not see how well you keep up with your cash…

locolama says:

The theme and setting seems very similar to FrostPunk, only instead of craters you build on cliffs. Still seems interesting and complex enough to give it a try.

Jj says:

Looks very interesting! Visually pretty nice, but some parts of GUI culd use some rework for my taste (just in terms of aesthethics). These drones remind me futuristic Anno games, in which they function as workers (if I remember correctly).

GamerZakh says:

A new city-building game where you have multiple cities and limited space, what do you think? Thanks ChaosFangs for gifting it to me! Meanwhile, if you’d like to see more Gamer Encounters you can check out the full playlist for RimWorld, Tropico 6, and The Colonists

kotzpenner says:

This game looks extremely hard, I don’t consider myself the worst city building strategist, but this is at some points ridiculous.
Can’t you build more of these robots that shift stuff around? That would be helpful. Also only 15 people on one train? You’ll need like 2 stations and you’re just getting started on the other island.
Would have used the island with low ressources for housing because homes don’t produce ressources lol

Pops McDougy says:

The plural of fruit is fruit. Lose the s

Urosh Uchiha Novakovic says:

I spent so many hours in this game. The updates arriving are incredibly fast and they add lots of new things with each patch. This game simply blew me away.

Ioni Ivy Aquilina says:

Interesting game.. will check it out 🙂

Vierax says:

This game looks very promising, thanks for the video Zakh !

Totally Scrooge says:

I don’t mind sprites, those can look nice too while being really resource efficient, but why not animate them?

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