Civitatem Gameplay Impressions – City Building Medieval Management Sim!

Civitatem Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Civitatem and check out a new city building colony manager where you’ll build a city up from scratch using nothing but hammers and rock dumb AI.

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Axel Tenveils says:

Civitatem is a bit of a silly name, why not Civitas like it is in nominative?

Rexman Gamer says:

More episodes please

Kexlar says:

Looking at buying this later on, would you say its worth a buy?

Dirpy Turtle says:

Goddammit splat I *NEED* moon lighter

Censord Censord says:

Damit somebody already took my idea for game

Jerald Andry III says:

(42) mr splattercat is …One singular sinsation every little pun he makes….

Brandon says:

Can we get some more graveyard keeper? I miss the long playthroughs! Would love to see more of that game

Marian Bielcik says:


CptAylott says:

Very Rimworld

ItzNickYT says:

Retro theme I likey…

Dakota Morrison says:

Literally every single track in this game is from Mount & Blade: Warband…

Profane Gunman says:

I’ll just be going back to the Rim now…

zimri19 says:

Wherefore does not mean where, wherefore means why.

Scott Dunaway says:

Nice looking game. Could you please play a bit more? It don’t bother me that it’s similar to rimworld. Innovation is important and I’d like to see what changes these devs implement.

Tee Jay says:

Titanic music

Lucas Machado says:

almost like rimworld 🙂

Jeffrey Wilson says:

This game gives me the Rimworld feels

Hesusio says:

The soundtrack makes me forget I’m not watching an LA Beast video.

Wazid Choudhury says:


Ricky Templeton says:

You’ve got me to spend so much money on games lol!

Rui Leite says:


Holly says:

looks fun

LW Games says:

Thanks for the video SplatterCat!

Here are some answers to your questions in the video

– the art direction is inspired from Prison Architect. Rimworld also did the same;) Its an art direction that some indies use, so they can concentrate more on the gameplay.
– in the upcoming patches, idle villagers will do other jobs (carry from the ground other resources and what not)
– building priority is coming next update
– you can get more villagers, through families having kids of course, or events that bring other villagers to your realm.
– having you selecting things all the time for the villagers (more wood to chop, mine and so on) its because later, you will be low on these resources, and while some regenerate (wood, berries during spring), some not, so at some point you have to be carefull not to run out, and in the later updates, even trade for them.
– a season last one day (around 10-15 mins)
– mining priority – check the small button on bottom right (that is the mining priority) if you have selected all types of raw resources, or at least two, with one click you can prioritize your miners to iron, or stone or salt.
– at nights you can use the villager elder to do stuff, since he doesn’t sleep
– villagers eating berries from the ground will be added as well in the next patch
– a house holds a family – which can be around 5 to 8 people (but usually kids grow up and start new families, and need new houses)
– coal is actually iron (coal will come later)
– names pool (Yellow ones are Early Adopters, White are normal names generated from a big pool of names)
– you can find who is related to who, by clicking on their name

Remember guys, this is Alpha 1 (hoping on reaching Alpha 2 by the end of the month). There are many more things to come, from exploration, trading, diplomacy, combat, more buildings and behaviors.


LW Games

The Rick says:

The T1 is designed to track people down and kill them

Madman says:

Map looks rather small

Not CJ says:

Somehow god unsubscribed to you Splatt but damn your channel is a breath of fresh air rn – I just want to see loads of new games.

jackenape says:

Comment and like for comments’ and likes’ sake.

marshmellow man says:

Why not just urine water

MsPickles1988 says:

“Kind of a Rimworld type game set in medieval times.” Sold! :p

Roger J Doucet says:

One positive over Rimworld:
It doesn’t have that annoying undulating vegetation.

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