Citystate – Politics & City Building – New Pixel City Builder – Citystate Gameplay Part 1

Today we’re becoming Governor of a new city in Citystate! Citystate is a city management and building game that focuses on the politics and resource management of a new founded city. It’s your job to keep everyone happy and not go bankrupt! In this episode we build the foundation of our city and work on getting out of the red. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Citystate, thanks for watching and liking.

About Citystate:

Citystate is a city-builder and a political sandbox in which you plan, build and rule a micro nation from scratch. Design your map, your flag, name your State and pass the first policies! Get ready to face an independent economic system, experiment with political orientations and city-planning strategies to make your Nation strive toward success!

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Hoss Hoss says:

Do more of this its really good

IReallyNeedAName says:

Where to download the game?

Ruben Edigia says:

and make Jakarta

M Glasser says:

Drae. Try theotown because it has sandbox mode but you need debug to activate sandbox but you can costomize the size and seed of the map but its only on Android (as i know of)

Kai Lüders says:

Try city sky lines its more realistic

DarthKato says:

“Shitweedia ” is the perfect name for a country that has Liberal Democrats in charge. lol

The Seven Deadly Sins And Ratatoskr-Smite says:

I’m a happy citizen of Shitweedia(city-state), Dreagastium (region). 😀
I shall write my story as this series goes on. 🙂
I love this series already!! More. 😀

Kbot40 says:

Create a city state as close to communism as you can and see how far you get to just as an experiment

shad0wpk02 says:

Has a high unemployment rate.
“puts down more places that need workers in hopes of fixing this”
Drae: “Unemployment rate is still crazy high!”
Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder why?

Sean Greene says:

“You gotta earn money to make money”- Drae 2K18

Jackson Carter says:

Part 2!!!

Eubank31 says:

*purposefully becomes a socialist state* “hey I wonder why I keep losing money”

Taoutes says:

*builds socialist welfare state*

Drae: “I don’t know why i can’t keep cash flow positive and my citizens happy!!!”

Big think

Ruben Edigia says:

more pls DG

Saqib Sharief - Rowntree PS (1493) says:

More more more more more more

Gabriel Nascimento says:

Drae, dude, please, u have to tax the highest to the rich people cause they make the most money Drae. Lower class people have to be taxed less
That increases approval because u make taxing amounts proportional to the classes earnings

Thepowerfulkiller says:

If only cities skylines we can do politics

吳柏佑 says:

More…plz more…

Darth Necrosis says:

This looks very interesting, they took NationStates and mixed it with SimCity. Might have to check this out.

apsuuu a says:

More please

not2hot says:

So this is a new series? 😀

Nick Lab says:

Do more

slipsonic says:

“You gotta earn money to make money” – Draegast 2018

Ruben Edigia says:


Ruben Edigia says:

Can you please play this game again but make the USSR

Andrew Fabrizio says:

I’m a political/cultural (NOT POP CULTURE) news junkie. The first 5mins I was bored, then thinking if I watch anymore I’ll fall asleep. But once it got to how the game plays out depending on policy decisions, whether political or economic, I FELL IN LOVE. And I do have to agree with Drae that it seems very quick and simple, and not a brain-inducing coma Civ game (although I can appreciate those games).

PaSkull says:

Why are you taxing the lower class more than the middle and upper class?

Jesse Milligan says:

lol @ all the political scientists in the comments that don’t know shit.

but drea, it would be interesting to see how communism would go without a capitalist country trying to ruin it like real life

Caragone says:

Drea, love ya but your placement! your putting houses by industrial zones and mines and those seem to become abandoned more because no one wants to live there! those spots become dead zones, think! Would you want to live by a huge quarry or a huge stinky factory spewing smog?

Ruben Edigia says:


KittyTac says:

Still a better president than Trump.

William says:

Usually it’s lower class who gamble, drink and smoke

Ruben Edigia says:

can you make tycoon and 96 x 96 and sandbox

DB Gaming says:

Isn’t Keynesian pronounced Kayn Zee An? He said Kanessians and I about died. =]

asura, being of wrath says:

The government is based on americas government. So people will bitch and moan if you change ANYTHING that doesnt benefit absolutely everyone.

Slump God says:

lower class: living paycheck to paycheck and getting by
middle class: Better quality job and decent financial situation
higher class: rich people (the ones that would actually buy the gucci and such)

Ruben Edigia says:

and make Jakarta

jakub rossa says:

Drea’s logic is the best
“You gotta earn money make money man” – 29:06

Greg Flockerzi says:

Is this game free or no

Gia Khải Trần says:

more pls

Mr Amazing says:

Dream what happened why swaring

Barni says:

Just do it

Down Right Fierce says:

That is such a god damn glorious flag.

Luchiano says:


Keynesian.. is pronounced like Cane-sian

Nabster says:

Do more Daddy Drae

Pirsel Zoltan says:

most taxes for the poorest – you can go and do politics, those assholes would like you….

Ruben Edigia says:

and make Jakarta


Want seris!!!!!!

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