CITYSTATE : First Look – New City-Builder!

CITYSTATE : First Look – New City-Builder!
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Citystate is a city-builder and a political sandbox in which you plan, build and rule a micro nation from scratch. A simulator made to challenge your political views and your governing skills no matter where you are on the political spectrum.

Every decision has multiple impacts on multiple time scales, your State will progressively change according to your choices and skills. In Citystate there is no rule, no limit, no mandatory first steps, no tech tree, only the most pragmatic but complex economic simulator to experiment with and in complete freedom.

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Nolan Sears says:

Do moreee

Crazy Mango 173 T. says:

Please make a series of this game!!!!!

kingslayer77 says:

Yes please do a miny series

Sumimoto Talks says:



Well, that hurts. Even for a Russian ear

StitanicRBLX says:

Bring back Cities : Skylines!

Moutton Noir says:

Mmm looks like a camel- a horse designed by committee. Neither fish nor fowl. Too many compromises- especially the retro graphics which I really dislike- a real backwards step

Oswald Margallo says:

Play more of this keralis

Mike Johnson says:

These kids, all about wandering cities and graphics, love it keralis!

Frank Benoît says:

Keralis I would love to see more of this from from you

J.G.P Channel says:

I Prefer Simcity 4 than this one

Mark Hall says:


hattrick99 says:

Cities skylines is still better.

swastika 4 says:

Its like simcity 4 in 2018

DJ Vinzell says:

I know Keralistan is a state then a country but I would imagine a Geography now! Of Keralistan!

Sebastian Arena says:

Damn… I am straight and all… but you got a sexy voice.

Magnus Lindqvist says:

Are you going to get back to TransRoad USA sometime in the near future?

niac 1234 says:

This concept has a crazy amount of potential.

Giebs n Stuff says:

Muh roads!

GWiggy says:

I miss Cities: Skylines.

Magnus Lindqvist says:

Ska du komma tillbaka till TransRoad USA någon gång inom snar framtid?

Arthur Naressi says:

Cities Skylines!!!



Stony Rulz says:

Civilization 2 meet SimCity 2000

hahaha no says:

Found it on reddit when the founder of this game posted it in r/gaming

PrimeKnight says:

I don’t know why everyone is comparing this game to cities skylines. Yes, they both fall in the same category which is city building but both the games are very different. City state has a bit more of a indie feel to it so it aims less for realism and more of a blocky type of structure. City state also has a completely different concept and that is using politics and decisions in order to determine how the city grows. Cities skylines aims for the more realistic approach with clean graphics, use of services and other things which a real city would depend on. Cities skylines has no connection with politics or government decision making but really tries to get the creator to become creative and do whatever. It’s your opinion on which game you could like better but in my opinion, you can have equal fun and enjoyment on any of the 2 games depending on what you like.

Vinícius Ferrenberg says:

The game has a wonderful concept, but the graphics are horrible. Damn, cities skylines really pit the standards too high.

Peppermint Butlerr says:

Wot happened to cities skyline keeralis

Zektrix says:

Nice flag

FriedToast says:

Ah man Im loving it so far please do a series where you try out all the different government styles please!!!

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