CITY BUILDING FROM SCRATCH!? – Voxel Turf Gameplay – Turf Zero Mode City Building

City Building from scratch in Voxel Turf Gameplay – Turf Zero Mode!

Building a new city from scratch on Turf Zero mode of Voxel Turf Gameplay! Let’s build a city from nothing, earn money and build this city up massive! This City on Turf Zero mode is ours in Voxel Turf Gameplay… We will be the kings of the Multiplayer world!


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About Voxel Turf – Steam Gameplay:

“Voxel Turf is a block based city builder/action adventure game. Build cities or destroy them. Start businesses or rob them. Nurture your citizens or subjugate them. Build a real estate empire, or perhaps just drive around and blow stuff up. Its your choice! Voxel Turf allows you to be the force of benevolence or the agent of chaos in a city of your creation.” Do it in Multiplayer Gameplay or Singleplayer!

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This game is early access and is in the pre-alpha stages. It may contain bugs and missing features, for now.

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Landon Weese says:

More! Like if you agree

Jean Urmeneta says:

make a video called pacific rim:brick rigs multiplayer

Joshua Paulino says:


BOSS x ADIDAS Btd says:

Spy can u do a series of turf war like can u continue the one that u used a tank to mine

Deb Kennebeck says:


Lol Loly popy says:

Tq for not cursing


Marcus Goner says:

Builder base all the way to the top

Cole Treller says:

a big cave with a lot of chests and gun in one room

Joey Pease says:

sky base!sky base!!!!

Kristy Aronowitz says:

Hi Spy! My name is Rylan and I am 6. I really enjoy your videos! Thanks for posting!

Joshua Paulino says:

Spy make the whole thing skytowers if you cant then you can do a headquarters that has a a elevator that goes really high then you can invite people to play and have a party on the top floor if you can not saying you have to

radit wasono says:

sky base sky base sky base

monkeybutt 399 says:

do a wait for it………………………………………RICH DISTRICT!!!!

eldordo 22 says:

I who’d want o see a casel

Zomg Butters says:

make a underground really really long underground road and I am going to the mall tonight so I’ll be home around 4:00.

sheikh amin says:


Aiden Dominguez says:

Like the one in scrap mechanic

Bro It Lit So Lit says:

More of this

jacob 156 destroyer says:

Yes Do it

hot dog crazy 'n' awesome oreo says:

Please can you build a game room plz can I have a bar and a pool table plz

Sanjay Niranjane says:

No sky base

M Darwish KF says:

YAY! another Voxel Turf

laura Hobbs says:

a army base

Steppy ManZ says:

Yes build the sky base

BBQ KEE says:

i want to see more

Kostas Sterling says:

I saw you in a game of PUBG today! Unless it was just a wannabe that stole your name…

Joshua Paulino says:

Spy make the whole thing houses with a highway parking garage and everything

Anssassin of youtube says:


Chris Khris says:

Play more turf zero

Brendan Shanks says:

The sciy tower

Nathan BlueHead says:

Can you guys build an HQ?

Edit: and can you guys do a world war 2 rp in brick rigs that would be AWESOME!

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