City Builder! – Kingdoms and Castles Gameplay – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Kingdoms and Castles Let’s Play! Now that we’ve got a foothold it’s time to expand our small kingdom until we can call it a city! But will the Dragons and Ogres let us do that in peace?


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Let’s Play: Kingdoms and Castles (Season 2)

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Inspired by the SimCity series, Banished, and Stronghold, Kingdoms and Castles is a game about growing a kingdom from a tiny hamlet to a sprawling city and imposing castle.

Your kingdom must survive a living and dangerous world. Do the Viking raiders make off with your villagers? Or are they stopped, full of arrows, at the castle gates? Does a dragon torch your granary, your people dying of starvation in the winter, or are you able to turn the beast back? The success of your kingdom depends solely on your skill as a city and castle planner.

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Rexels Tom says:

I don’t want to sound rude but ‘ve noticed a distinct lack of shirtless tanned teenagers in these last videos.

Ørviti Halr says:

Pretty good series!

redx laser15 says:

Dang it Aavak, whenever you talk about wells I think of the joke: ‘oh well’ or something like that:P
also, this has made me really want to play banished again, but this time with no mods that make the game more realistic/easy

Johann says:

Aavak could you try a metroidvania game called Hollow Knight, I swear it’s one of the best plataforming game out there.

Callum Nicolson says:

Aavak… does your kingdom worship or fear a god of fire by now?

Lee Adrian CatFox says:

Not enough military might (//6w6)// I wish they add an Arcane Tower, it brings a fantasy feels in it.

Avery Watson says:

I can think of one, to be awesomely pretty!

sbGCrossFire says:

Hey, have you tried the new Clan in Northgard? i would realy like to hear your opinion =)

Awesomest Ones says:

*closes eyes after struggling to get to sleep for hours*


*yellow diamond face*

FireBorn says:

Well well well Avaak…… water you doing over there wih your kingdom

Tach says:

Piotr Kociubinski
59 years old
Wants to fight the dragon

Go home Piotr, you’re drunk.

Rose DAndrea says:

I know that

adam dubin says:

Get your Ale and curl up with a nice book, what could be better!

sbGCrossFire says:

I realy like the animation of the Clouds ^^

Daniel Konik says:

Aavak, why don’t you use the little island near the hospital as a fortress? It would dissuade any attacks from that direction.

Rose DAndrea says:

I’m a super big fan of love your videos keep up the good work

Brandon Levan says:

the person that hated is a dick

Jacob Parkinson says:

Grainery a+i= hard A

Al says:

Aavak!Get some heroes and get a general(Barracks)to lead your army into defending Dapper Dragon’s Roost!! Like so he can see

Winterous says:

Gonna be honest, quickly losing interest in this game. It doesn’t seem very different than the last time you played it, so there’s nothing fresh make it engaging; just more of the same ‘hey look building a town oh no vikings!’.

Tsz Wang RAYMOND TONG says:

You should probably build a castle like building around the main part of the town,so you can increase the range of your archer and block off most of the vikings

Malcolm Hutton says:

23 minutes into the video he says “why cant we play as the Vikings ” i then get a ad for a game called viking war of clans right after he said it i find that funny

Eric Riley says:

Ah yes, the vikings. Well known for specifically targeting religious sites for plunder… Not the most accepting, Aavak.

Stiggy Z says:

I’m so glad you brought this back! Makes my day!

Marcos Felipe Ribeiro says:

Im loving this series ^^

Vhan Chua says:

Can you tell me how I can prevent my peasants from starving to death? I have tons of foods, a lot of markets and bakeries. Have decent roads and still, they always starve. I’m a newbie so I’m a bit clueless of what to do.

Honourable Doctor Edwin Moriarty says:

Dragons get to breathe fire now! Happy days!

HashtagYOLO_11 says:

With such a big idle population maybe look at building a barracks for a mobile defensive line. Also you said you want to play as Vikings, play some northgaard? That games great

Daniel Gallego says:

So cool¡

zayfard plays says:

“I’m sure we’ll do much worse things” Dark Aavak confirmed

Rando Randomson says:

So Final Fantasy XII let’s play is dead?

Miah Akston says:

For the love of all the is holy, build more food storage!

Freddie says:

Yay! :p

Radio Viper Venom Active II says:

I just noticed… The rain isn’t coming from the clouds. It’s coming from above the clouds. What kind of rain is this?

Jennifer Walker says:

Not that Im not enjoying the New games but is stardewvalley finished for good.

Shellshock 0607 says:

Aavak be nimble,Aavak be quick,Aavak build that city in a click!!

luke lamb says:

Hi avaak nice vid

James says:

Cataclysm:DDA Third Wave
Cataclysm:DDA Third Wave
Cataclysm:DDA Third Wave

the_L3G. says:

Sorry man but u cant have more than 2 quarries per stone

Aavak says:

Our tiny little kingdom is growing up so fast!!

otro espectador mas says:

build a giant tower pls

KTB Kevlar says:


Tom Meakin says:

“Vikings were awesome” As they burn your city down, rape your women and take your people into slavery…. Yeah, they were great Aavak.

Seriously though, I really don’t get the romanticising of Vikings. They weren’t the worst there’s ever been; but their raiding was a dominant enough part of who they were and it was brutal enough for me to find it pretty bizarre how people are so proud to say they have “Viking genes”, for instance. They prayed upon the weak and did horrendous things to said people.

Antonio Carlos Aguiar says:


jackster22 says:

Notification sqaud!

YoFroGGo says:

I love your videos.Keep up the good worck.

Moyse3333 says:

Finally ^_^ I was waiting the past 12 hours for this episode <3
Thank you so much for everything, keep up the awesome work.
You are one of the best ^^

Crazy Garrett says:

avail your town is beautiful but so vulnerable, its sad to see it go up in flames so many times D:

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