Cities Skylines: Green Cities – New Pravsburg (Part 9)

Cities Skylines is arguably the best city-builder available on the market. After over a year of requests, I’m finally jumping into the game. We’ll be playing with the Green Cities expansion on the “Delvin Bay” modded map created by Bugfix on Steam.

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“Shake Down”
by Gavin Luke
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Greatguy7 says:

Maybe you can do sea of thieves next?

Franklin Strong says:

I need more

zenopssmdk says:

Hmm could you try over flowing the river? Just like adding a bunch those water treatment facilities.
Oh here is a creative one, try building a complex roundabout… over your bay. I think it would look cool for cars and such to drive out over the water instead of your smaller bridges, but it has to be one of those big roundabouts.

Aidan Wilds says:

If I understand correctly, agriculture specialization does not just mean farms. You can specialize a district that way, even if it doesn’t have fertile land, and the factories there will be the processing rather than the farms. The same works for oil and ore.

Laifu WoT Blitz says:

Great Series! Keep it up!

Stuart Jeffery says:

In my game, I made a dam that is powered by water treatment plant water, but it flows it the path of several garbage collectors so power from sewage

Argantys says:

Series can’t end until you dam off the river and flood the entire city.

Lost Melody says:

Working Ferries.

Daniel Hall says:

Could you make the last episode a stream?
That way you could get at least some peoples suggestions done before you end the series.

S1L3NT51 says:

Pravus one game is recommend you look into is surviving mars it’s similar to cities skylines and quite interesting aswell

Jontae Moore says:

cable cores

Arrow says:

what is the name of the map on workshop???

Ash Stolley says:

Please do keep playing

ThinkingRebal says:

Would like to see the noise overlay for your city. Can’t wait to see the fusion power plant.

Kree_ tos says:

Hey Pravus do you maybe will upload the map up to the workshop? Because i would love to have this map.

ThatTopHatGuy /TTHG says:

you wont have to worry about the tiles of land you buy if you get the 25 tiles or 81 tiles mod.

Agora2021 says:

Modern art looks awful, why would you like that.

Deepdark47 says:

A thousand year Pravsburg?
Ok then

Tophat Productions says:

Completely destroy the city at the end

Emelgiefro says:


StarlitDragon says:

Can you build all monuments please?

Lunuria says:


Easton Cromer says:


Mr. Roadrunner says:

For your next series play a FPS game

Louis Foblets says:


Roluxio says:

we should get to 100 episodes at least

Ma Lol says:

Can you add a bjt more space between buildings? Congestion

Jakob Rodness says:

You have access to the school out policy. That makes it so districts with that policy don’t really want to go to school meaning they can’t go to office building and they would be more willing to work at the farms!! Keep the series going!!

It's Not me says:

I don’t know if this is possible but Let us download save game so we can continued on the City

Well well well Look who we have here says:

So wait are the monuments in the base game?

HH Coal says:

Pravus, please get all the monuments and unique buildings! It’ll make the city look so good! Also raise the water level

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