Cities Skylines: Green Cities – New Pravsburg (Part 8)

Cities Skylines is arguably the best city-builder available on the market. After over a year of requests, I’m finally jumping into the game. We’ll be playing with the Green Cities expansion on the “Delvin Bay” modded map created by Bugfix on Steam.

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“Shake Down”
by Gavin Luke
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Carson Ziegenhagen says:

keep up the series man, im loving it I want to see how far you can push this city

Edward Grenore says:

yea and one of the lines didnt actually connect

HH Coal says:

Build as many buildings as possible and then end the series after around a hundred episodes!

cristiaan schipper says:

Do you have a modlist on which mods you used on this map ?
And it was fun watching this series. i hope it continues for a while 🙂

Someone Silence says:


R Davis says:

You could end the series with having built every monument.

Moppop27 says:

Please end the series when you get all of the monuments Pravus!! Also, please call the farming district the sickle

Dan Cohen says:

There must be Monuments to the Greatness that is New Pravsburg!

Ahmed Gaming says:

You should use fresh water outlet to increase water level

Crona Albarn says:

Build all the unique buildings!

IDont Know says:

You need BLIMPS

And Monuments

joshua bonnell says:

Please do at least 2 of the monuments

Ezekiel Craft says:

Make a the international airport on that small island by the lake I think it looks nice there


monument city Pravus

Platonis The Warlock says:

Build every monument and then end series.

Dead Drew says:

You should continue this series and go until you build everything possible

Lunuria says:

Hello thanks for the great video.

Zane Waddell says:

Pravus! I love what you do on Youtube you are one of my favourites. A little tip – higher land value (raised by parks and the such) = more educated citizens. Educated citizens don’t do dirty industry work. So if you want low class people to work the mine you’ll have to deliberately have lower land values to attract lower class people.

Wind Wind says:

Have you tried placing ferry lines? You know it’s like bus lines.

josiah taylor says:

Space elevator

Mark Linnis says:

Keep the series going!!

Lunsen 402 says:

have to add farry lines, are probebly tons of people who´s already said so but still

Shawnate Kaplan says:

All the buildings all the people do every thing get to I mail population then end it

Ethanol 314 says:

You need to get all of your subscribers to live in your city (Population of at least 136,000)

Drake Welch says:

14:25 Pravus’s discord are burning again, someone got out XD

Arrow says:

how is the map called on workshop

Arun Guruparan says:

Continue the series and get ALL OF THEM

Sandviper5339 Official says:

Get a blimp

ElejoPlayz MC says:

Pravus, there are bus-only lanes.

Matthew Sheeley says:

Don’t finish the seris yet Pravus, I’m loving it still!

Elias Lagman says:

Don’t end the series!!!

Left Side Network says:

You should build a prison area

Ian Lambert-Knight says:

Never end the series

Agora2021 says:

Never ask her to help you name something ever again.

Otto von Wolf says:

I’d really like you to complete some of the monuments

Sean Frank says:

Does your wife know about the umm… Cult is not the right word; loyal following you have?

Oh yeah and PRAISE PRAVUS!!!

Verumnos Grohiik says:

he didn’t even connect the ferry lanes originally…..

SargeTeun * says:


Daniel Gammo says:

100% the game (get all the unique bulidings for megapolis)

Jon Birch says:

Ah the great land stoogoo

Red Power Ranger says:

I think that you should built all the monuments if you want to have the ultimate city

Jacob Calderbank says:

Please continue at least for a couple more episodes, I’ve never seen the monuments before and they sound really cool

instantalper says:

I love the lets play i subbed

BrooklynR says:

Put the (schools out) policy in the suburb to help with the lack of workers. And for the ferries you have to make a line between the stops just like the buses and metros.

jbztf says:

Go up to 100 episodes

Crona Albarn says:

Pravus. I may have a way to get rid of the pollution. Build dirt mounds out into the water and they get rid of the dirt. I don’t k ow if it will work but it’s worth a shot.

The Blue Met says:

You should create a giant bridge from empire park to old new pravusburg so you can get people there and in the ironworks

abrachoo says:

Don’t end the series until you have built all of the monuments.

Luka Zorko says:

Pravus pls build like a masive city on the little island. something with huuuuugeee scyscrapers. it’d be cool

Reid Bracken says:

Keep going or I will be very disappointed in you Pravus

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