Cities Skylines Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – BEST CITY BUILDER YET ???

Cities Skylines Walkthrough Part 1 – Cities Skylines Gameplay – It attempts to right the wrongs of SimCity 5. From what I’ve played I’m extremely impressed. Cities Skylines Let’s Play First Impressions & Review 1080p Gameplay

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Allison Ladd says:

I like ur videos. Pls make more :D.

S.A.S Mute says:

even though it’s annoying placing turbines down it makes your city look cooler

Webby_Playz says:

I built my first city at a friends place on that map. It didn’t go well at all, my tunnelling career was over

Allison Ladd says:

How do u not get blackouts?

Edwin Owen says:

Wind is also cheaper than coal. It may cost more at first as you need 5 windmills to produce the 40MW the coal power plant. Once you have them though, the upkeep is $80 per windmill so 5 windmills costs $400 per week where as coal costs $560 for the same amount of power.

Don Williams says:

Wind turbines actually make like no noise… UNREALISTIC GAME = CONDEMNED

Sworm Trooper says:

Keep on goin

Joshua Drew says:

Wow i got a cities skylines ad before the video first one i have seen goes perfectly what a coincidence

Megan carlson says:

I love city skyline

David Convery says:

thansk for the tips good video man

Son Goku says:

Ea get reeked

Nick Duel says:

Seems like it offers a lot for a $30.00….::opens up Steam::

Saahil Hasan says:

great bro

igotnoideawhattoput says:

the look of this game really resembles banished. Is it by the same development team?

destined player123 says:

nice city bro

Daniel Ennis says:

can you buy extensions

Ben LaDieu says:

The one thing that really bothers me is the way they handle water/sewer treatment in this.  There is no actual sewer/water treatment plant.  What they are showing are just pump stations. You would never just dump raw sewage straight into a river in a modern 1st world city, unless you live in India or something.  What is pumped back into rivers is TREATED water (done at sewer treatment plants) with all the sewage and nasties taken out of the water so it can be discharged back into nature as clean water. Minor complaint as I work in that industry, but just watching the millions of gallons of raw sewage being shot back into the river is pretty funny as I know DEP would be fining the city millions for that here in America.

James Barr says:

Keep em going!

Paul Gaccount says:

everytime I see somebody start a new city on youtube they start with a map with already roads in it. Are there maps without roads ? I like t do it myself.
I also hope the street-level-view mod works fine. One of the first things I will do is also implement that, I think.

SugarTornado says:

i don’t know why when i’m watching this video im gigle a lot :v

Alfie smitrh-eccles says:

Get 1st person mod

Soulless Flames says:

Anita_Chan has like 20k population

Abouelala Rayan says:

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah your the best

JJ Diamonds says:

on the gold Coast ,australia tight now the sky is yellow for some reason? if you know why please reply!

Daniel Ennis says:

to the area

iambehindthemirror says:


LouMusic says:

The comment about the Twitter bird at 5:50 made me laugh. Great work with this; thanks for posting it.

W4t3rM3l0nG1rl says:


coderdojo 4 says:

do 39 vidos

Thirteen 1355 says:

Hey, a non-handicapped popular let’s player!

Bald Eagle says:

every time i play i cant get the camera to work properly any suggestions

Barnaby Cable says:

This is more of a playthrough. Walkthroughs, surprisingly, walk you through the game.

Daniel Ennis says:

is this game on pc

3Redbug says:

Cool Game!

Nafri Isaug says:

Just bought this game and I have attempted to make a city twice, both times my population stays 0 LOL. Idk what to do

Allison Ladd says:

Nobody likes industry ;P.

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