Chocobo Race – Final Fantasy XV Gameplay

Race Chocobos and take on the Chocobo hoop challenge in Final Fantasy XV.

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Dr. Awesome says:

why the fuck is he jumping over the food this dude sucks at this Game lmao

Shadow561781 says:

this game looks so sexy…. hype intensified

Randal Privett says:

Please take the jump cheese out, that looks about as painful to play as it was to watch.

Yue Yeon says:

i hope SE implemented a chocobo minigame from ff9, really like the treasure hunt with chocobo.

Charly Ziock says:

Living for the fanfare <3

diuleiloumo chaohai says:

bring back Chocobo Hot and Cold from FF9!!

Sahal Sidat says:

Why is the player avoiding the gysahl greens in the beginning by jumping over it, you are supposed to make contact with it, those gysahl greens are chocobo’s usual feed

iFraudGamerLive says:

can’t wait to play this on the ps4 pro on my Samsung ks9000.

Vince O. says:

Um, yeah, I’m gonna be playing Chocobos of Pulse during races, not this.

adolf hitler says:

GOTY 2016? hope it does not turn out as fallout 4

Steve Ozone says:

Arghhhhhhhhh FFX Chocobo Catcher nightmares are returning.

SkateDeathwish09 says:

y’all suck at video games.

Dankus Maximus says:

Wish it was as easy as FF7

Joseph Perera says:

This is giving me war flashbacks to FFX’s chocobo races. And it’s making me mad. Not at this game, just in general. Hopefully there’s no evil satan birds

DevilGames says:

anyway you could leak the trophy list?

hope the platinum is simple and FUN, instead of the awful grind of past games.

Carl Beaumier says:

That player is soooo bad at this haha

Blizzard Sklit Blue zZz?zZz?zZz?Zzz says:

He went down that easy!

Ancient Dolphin From The 70's says:

0:52 sweet jpeg in the distance. goty

Strifegirl says:

dang…. get good D: jk xD

Aizen Kurosaki says:

thinking of buying ff7 on ps4. never played final fantasy but a fan of series (watched gameplay) I was gonna start with 15 but I can get 7 right now so why not (15 got delayed and pushed back my original buying date)

The Last Distress says:

Getting the pro for this so it looks even better

Stronghans McIronuts says:

Fucking Finally Fantasy (Insert number)

Onyx75 says:

Stop jumping! That was painful to watch.

Barnivere says:

Lol can’t even jump the hoops.

Bellybell14 says:

This game has two fanfares!?

Ricky Lee says:

spammed the jumping moves

TheFinalMapler says:

Lets talk about that clapping animation at 1:52 Lol

adamaj says:

This is so lame…Trying to make big chickens look cool/badass…This game’s cheesy as hell.


Looks boring

Stayler17 says:

Did they even try to do fucking lip syncing?

Cabron loco says:

I’m going to play the shit out this game.

Booyah WenRene says:

I want the kart racer!!

alfa brafo says:

will be fun

Travis Kerr says:

If you’re going to highlight gameplay, make sure you hire someone who can ACTUALLY play the game without having to jump every 5 seconds for no apparent reason.
You had one job, Gamespot.

MysticSolid says:

It’s funny how in this vid the guy already broke the game lol he just spammed that jumping move and he won… that’s all you need to do…. sprint until your stamina is low then spam that jump move …. -___-

KenjiKussano says:

I can’t waaaaaaaiiiitttttttt!!!!!!

offir arafeli says:

why is there sprint if the jump seem to be better?

Jordan Brown says:

i beat him by using that jumping technique but lost every time by not jumping, just luck or is jumping maybe better at certain times?

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