Cheatengine Speedhack Tutorial – High FPS Gameplay Footage

This is for all y’all who have been asking how I get smooth onrides for Planet Coaster and 6FPS cinematics in Cities: Skylines and despite the size of my parks and maps, and the bad framerate I usually have on them.

Download Cheatengine here:

Or get OBS here:

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


Elias Derry says:

Silv! Next time you’re doing Koali Beach, PLEASE build a Hotel!!! It feels like it would fit VERY nicely with the way the park is shaping up!!!!!! And if you need inspiration, you could look at Disney Aulani or the Polynesian Resort at Disney World!!!

Eric Eggert says:

The “just make sure you deselect the malware – and here, too.” part made me chuckle. 😀

gjidghihlnsl f vjskvdyjk says:

yay we both use foobar

Meneertje Pierlala says:

Hee! You got Windows 10, nice! Ik dacht dat je een Windows 7-retro was….

Mr. Anonymous says:

I see a Freshpopcorn Youtube tab up there yo ;D

Bruno Hahmann says:

If I remember well, Afterburner also works fine with Cheat Engine recordings

Bobbaz Rob says:

Hey Silvarret, ben je actief op het Rotterdam subforum van SSC?

Geekism says:

I was LITERALLY about to message you asking how to do this (my park is starting to stutter) Guess I don’t need to now! 😀

Coasterfan312 says:

Just tried it – there’s no way to slow down the sound, right?

Christian the Coaster Guy says:

No limits 2 automatically slows down the game it’s great.

codec says:

So this would make 4K videos on Ultra settings possible? Thanks for the awesome tutorial! 😀

Oshino Gaming says:

Thanks for the tutorial! Would have been massively useful a few weeks ago as I struggled to find info specifically related to cheat engine and Planet Coaster. Also, I must add, I record my videos with Razer Cortex usually as its super effcicient and light on my processing power, but yes sadly that software too doesn’t work with cheat engine! Had to use OBS in the end. Also thank you for the OBS bitrate part, I think mine is too low, which is why my recorded footage might be too laggy even with speedhack. You gave me a good solution to investigate, let’s hope my laptop can hold on! ^^

Cameron Bryant says:

any planet coaster college videos upcoming?

JayBlast One says:

thx silv for that tutorial and how to get nice recordings!

MythosGandaar says:

Love the music you use in your videos, Silvarret!

ikharrie says:

why not just hack the fps higher??? (grapje G)

NeonTiger says:

Thank you so much for sharing your OBS settings. For some reason I could record AAA fast-paced shooter at 60fps without any issues, but Planet Coaster kept coming out frame-y or with really pixellated dark areas.

Thanks also for all the tutorials. Coming into this game I wasn’t really interested in the aesthetics because frankly I’m not very good at creative stuff but your videos have inspired me to actually make things really nice looking, and something I can be proud of. Much love <3

Darkwolf says:

Speed engine, hehehe

Flashbang says:

hey I use obs too =)

Coasterteam456 says:

Why does he have blackboard open…

Treetalk says:


David Angle says:


Midas says:

For AMD users, I can also recommend Plays.TV to record your screen. it’s integrated in your video card so it doesn’t take a lot of performance and it’s very easy to use.

Conker Plays says:

Holy shit update your OBS, it’s not looked like that in months.

Rudi Rennkamel says:

great tutorial. Maybe one thing to add: The sound of the recording is not available, so you need always to put music behind it. Or, the way more complicated way: Delete all the scenery around the coaster in a copy of this park and record the sound as soon as you have at least 30 fps again. So you could align it afterwards.


Ah… Good old cheatengine.

MythosGandaar says:

I fucking love Windows Movie Maker that’s my shit

amit banai says:

0:22 holy shit that’s a lot of open tabs

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