Caveman City Builder! – ANCIENT CITIES – Realistic Economy, Tribal Wars, In Depth AI System

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Andre NMailho says:

Oh boy, i’m already in love with this title. Imagine a Civilization game, but with a more personal and detailed look and feel. The sad part, it’s, there’s more than a year to the release date =(.

tomm1592009 says:

I checked the link and it says they have £125,000 and they needed £100,000 so they are 25% above there predicted funding so does this mean it’s defo gonna happen?

I am/not a troll says:

loooks amazing!!!

torko211 says:

I’ve been waiting for a game like this FOREVER. I can’t wait for this to come out, it’s gonna be my game

CROAbomb says:

i dont like pushing graphics. ..think about gameplay and content, the graphic is fine

Meiji Marts says:

Knowledge is *BOWER!*

Area 51 Studier says:

this is genius

ahmed eka says:

When this game out ?

Hirokie says:

its not ancient “city”. its ancient “settlement”.

Bastion Monk says:

What do I think? You can manage a stone age village. Good graphics. Take my money.

shaGuar says:

It would be great if the system of fighting, occupation and destruction of cities was added, something like that and Acquiring other cities militarily

jack boy says:

Is it online ?

Hoeless Joe says:

I want this.

diego balzarini says:

it looks really interesting

10171981 says:

Can you target an enemies food supply instead of directly attacking them ??? What would be great is if you can just simply hunt all of the enemies wildlife out of the area so they can no longer survive due to lack of food and simply wait so they can starve to death and walk in their village AFTER they are all dead and claim it as your own 😉

767corp2 says:

Promise all the possible shit you can think of
Release cinematic trailer “with in-game” edited footage
Get morons to give you cash
EA did this,Ubisoft did this, Warner Bros. did this
I bet you 500$ half of promised shit won’t make to final release , it’s same with every shit that crawl itself from kickstarter

The Recon says:

I need new Empire Earth II many more era.
Ancients vs modern it’s cool XD

Jian Fernandes says:

I love the look of this! Finally strategy games are developing in the right direction

M. Vipsanius Agrippa says:

Any idea how big they plan to make maps? Especially the “migrating” part sounds pretty ambitious to me…

Garfball says:

Seems too good to be true…

melelconquistador says:


Scarlett Symetria says:

Nice. Would they have Mammoths, and Sabretooth Tigers? How about Smoke communication, and Eclipse worship?

Star-Lord says:

Modern rts games need to ditch dx 11 and its terrible single core threading.. its very limiting for what devs can do. vulkan support or great multi threading at least 4 cores or all available cores on the system. Its no fun when you have epic armies clashing and fps tanks to unplayable.

lublin10000 says:

What about that there is a chance that you can get a handicap child and then yu could have two options or you keep it would make you tribe a good tribe that cares about all ppl or throw them out of your tribe and if you did that too much those handicap ppl ( Mentally and physical) will FROM there own tribe that would be verry barbaric to you because that you did this to them they would be stronger but dummer then common stone AGE Man

Mehmet Alperen says:

they are passing trough walls :^(

JD Web says:

I’ve been waiting for something like this. If they take it on epoch at a time, they should be able to pull it off.

Varied Gamer says:

He is taking about the game taking place in the Neolithic era, while I thinks he means Paleolithic. “Neo” means new

orlando kaufusi says:

A Nomadic, Warrior society I will build.

Dumber0 says:

fuck…missed all

PC MasterRace says:

“what if”….well nothing because its just another city Building video game with video game mechanics with a new skin. but it does look neat.

Tormentor Evolved says:

Banished Meets Farcry Primal, Can’t wait to have my inbred Community.

Zavid Al Rasyid says:

Im Interested.

I love this kind of game, that have Dynamic and Complicated systems.

Kind like Age of Empires, but more detail.
Kind like Mount and Blade, but more focus on building.

I just hope its not Online game, kind of disappointed if it.

Theo RixLux says:

lol “caveman citybuilder”

Jamriko says:

You try WAY too hard with your script and narrator voice. I find it so cringy and can’t watch your videos because of it. Just relax, man Jesus.

Spoofy Tofuwu says:


Kass Ross says:

Too much hype kills a game and disappoints the gaming community.
STOP creating a failure!

Kennan Dunn says:

5000 BC, Dawn of man? No.
5000 BC, Dawn of civilization? Yes

Happy Family Time says:

Cool! This sort of reminds of a much more in depth version of the first two ages of Age Of Empires 1

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