Can You Race Lawnmowers? – Wreckfest Gameplay

Can you race lawnmowers in Wreckfest?

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Canine Gaming says:

Wow, what an awesome video. It seems like you were experiencing a case of instant karma in those races.

fordlawnman says:

Do more of the mower racing/demolition

Aaron Bearden says:

I really liked the video next you should either race on Tarmac or more figure 8

Obsidian Fighter says:

Pit successful

Thatbossdrifter 18 says:

ur new intro is depressing ;,)

e30rik says:

Out of all the people I’ve watched play this, your video was the most hilarious. Would love to see more, maybe multiplayer with Buggs, Jeff, and Polecat?

Debs 2013 says:

LOLZach would love to see You,Jeff Polecat play this would be brilliant

The British Pug says:

come on guys sub and like him

Jimmy Blues says:

Lawn mower demo derbies IRL are fun as hell I’ve been in 4 now and there is a bigger following than nascar, at least where I’m from Illinois, and yes the engine sounds are about on point mainly because its a straight pipe going straight up through the hood just like a demo car or truck. Its seriously the funnest thing you can do on a lawn mower other than mowing or mud/snow drifting.

nclayborne6 says:

Awesome video Zach. Keep on being awesome man.

Joseph Snyder says:

Awesome!!! Reminds me of the 90s and Twisted Metal from PS1..

Benedetto Bosco says:

hi zack good videooo ahah

Mason Pepper says:

pit him and do again

Mr. Him says:

Zach, we have something in common. *We both like to isolate our victims >:)*

Steeler1014 says:

More please!!!

AnimeDubs says:

Zack you should watch the video Jeff did on racing the lawnmowers in his Wreckfest playlist it’s hilarious

Brandon Stone says:

Thanks Zack I am now hooked on watching these now LOL When the video ends I get all sad till I find another video haha

Tanner Carpenter says:

I can’t see it

Bhav Daya says:

Wait until zach realise this game has mods

Thatbossdrifter 18 says:

13:17 that growl had me dyin

Nash Nowak says:

that was amazing lol

Cody Smith says:

love it!

Scott Beaman says:

Definitely more, need Polecat, Jeff, Buggs and you in some of these

SoccerBoy77 says:

definitely more more

עומר קלוז'סקי says:

more with code zero

Anthony Schrader says:

i want to see more

Anime Kid says:

Please make another vid for NCG

Timmy Quinn says:

nice vid I would like to see more

Kai Ridderbos says:

Sometimes I want to know why people give dislikes on videos…

Ramiro Perez says:

did u lose subs due to the youtube purge yesterday

James Smith says:

CZG would be awesome if you guys did this

ShottyTheKills says:

I heard bugbear is going under and they are just done with this buggy game

Sbong says:

Please play more! But maybe with normal cars 😛

Matt Daniels says:

5:00 I’m on a road shaped like a figure eight

Jimmy Blues says:

Also there is lawn mower racing, drag racing, autocross, demo derby, off roading/trailing, mudding (I.e. mud holes), longest wheelie, and (my favorite other than demo) best in show, custom mowers JUST like a car show that have anything from pimped out lawn mower motors to small block V8s, and of course paint and a surprising amount of chrome. Redneck and proud hahah.

loislurso says:

You can change a.i. player names by editing text file. It is a bit more fun to race against “real names”.

Owen Spisak says:

This was great!! Thanks for the spicy content you dooble look a like lmao

bape bear says:

did anybody else think of king of the hill

Jordan McGregor says:

Facecam would have been pretty great in this!

Sergei Ryabov says:

That game is amazing

6509 cota says:

more please,please

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