Caesar 2 ► City-building Gameplay & Nostalgia! – Classic City-builder – [Nostalgiasm]

We’ve played so much Caesar 3 but what about Caesar 2? Less walker mechanics but a world map, once you learn the basic gameplay it’s actually still really good! Let’s play some of this old city-building game and see if the classic city-builders can still hold up to the new games. What do you think?

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#Nostalgiasm is a series about gaming nostalgia and #NostalgicGaming where I jump back to a game from the ‘Nostalgic Period of Gaming’, 1995-2002, and either relive my old memories or experience something I missed out on. I play through the initial gameplay for about 1 hour plus to see if I still enjoy the game.

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Lauret Ivan says:

you sir, make good videos, i love city builders, so i love your channel, thanks for playing caesar 2. i always played the 3rd, but the second surprisingly looks a lot like the third, but it runs inside msdos so thats cool for emulation. so now i’m gonna play it thanks to you ^^(going through msdos nostalgia these days) will you do civilization (like I and II, or maybe others like call to power), i dunno if you do turn based games. anyway love your channel now, keep up

chuckschwa says:

Nice to hear that little menu diddy again!

Carlos Calderon says:

Trivia my dear zhak: Caesar 4 tried hard to be a Caesar 2 but upgraded, unfortunely Was a disaster, cause many fails of implementation.but the worst Was not making the province city sistem making C4 maps top small

Dovah Kanye says:

Cities Skylines: Rome, lets make that happen.

TheVladimir says:

Since you are from hot and humid Malaysia I would like to know: What do you think about cold weather and snow? 🙂

KaioGamer says:

Congrats for this excelent channel, maybe my comment is irrelevant but i admire your videos, cheers from an Argentinian little youtuber 😛

Borlumi says:

Well, that forum looks a lot like the Pantheon

dabosch316 says:

This game really makes me wish I took up programming – If I could only take the C3 city level + C2 Province level and then wrap it all up in global campaign map with politics / and rome total war style armies moving about from province to province all in that cute 2.5 D retro look …. a bummer someone wont make it. It would be highly addictive.


thanks and yet thanks again !!!!!! this is a great tutorial for me. If it be possible for you, then please make a full campaign gameplay for this game just like Caesar III. and thanks again!!!!!!!

Bob Grimes says:

This was my favorite game in the Windows 95 era. Please consider a complete play through.

RGSuperfan says:

I’d like you to make more videos of this game.
But I gers harder and harder AF!
That video reminded me of nice time.. Thanks!

Beatrice Memmo says:

This was my first PC Game! 🙂

Imre Tanács says:

I’d have been very interested in the other senate menus… 🙂

Loris Ferrari says:

The battle mode seems to be heavily inspired by Centurion. It looks the same but with more controls

Matthias Rothacher says:

omg those arms hahahhahaa

Jennifer Czasak says:

Watching this inspired my husband to play it again lol. Are you ever going to play the Cleopatra expansion from Pharaoh? Loved your season of Pharaoh! =)

EffraBulbizarre says:

I’d love to see a completed let’s play of this game one day. And on the hardest difficulty and no cheating obviously. Hopefully I’ll see one someday. ^^

Argonova says:

I really enjoyed this and I’d like to see some more Caesar 2 on the channel.

I agree that Caesar 3 is the best of the series, but I like Caesar 2 a lot more than Caesar 4.

RGSuperfan says:

Back in those days, my brother and I too at first thought the copper warehouse were pizza place XD

Aleksa Petrovic says:

This game is few days older than me. Still looks awesome.

Corsaire says:

The music sounds different. Like low res different.

icetroll00 says:


Airborne Filip says:

Heh, 0 dislikes. Eyyy.

Geoffrey_EiniShiX says:

Love your channel, please keep it up!!!

GamerZakh says:

Caesar 2 surprisingly holds up today! Sure the graphics are dated but that world map is such a nice gameplay element. What do you think? Still good? Meanwhile, you can check out the full Nostalgiasm playlist to see other trips into the past like Metal Fatigue, Spore, and Dungeon Keeper! –

Namoth says:

aww..populus the begining & undescoverd worlds….glimpse in the intro…
DAMIT! now you made me have a urge to boot it up…such a shame the game industrie nowdays is being tormented by the dam mega publishers wish to destroy games and start sell drm laced qte movies as ‘services’….sighs…

Mralien401337 says:

This game was very hard at first until you figure out which buildings work by walkers and which by radius and which affect the entire city with forum access.

For instance hospitals and libraries don’t need to be anywhere near your residential area to work. They simply need forum access and will then serve a certain number of citizens in the entire city.

Walker buildings meanwhile i find best work with straight roads, it is cool to see walkers wander in your vast city but they seem to walk at random. This means that complex roads actually make your walkers less efficient as they don’t necessarily wander where they are needed.

And finally there is a way to bring vast amounts of money from a previous province to your new one. You simply need to develop your city until it turns a profit and then increase your salary a lot, i usually go for 100-200 denari a month. From there your personal funds do carry over so you can then donate vast amounts of money into a new city letting you quick-start its development.

… Man i gotta replay this again i’m feeling all the nostalgia

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