Caesar 1 ► City-building Gameplay & Nostalgia! – Classic City-builder – [Nostalgiasm]

Time to go back to the ORIGINAL Caesar! We’ve played so much Caesar 3 but what about Caesar 1? It seems the further back we go in the series the more like SimCity it feels but it’s still got some interesting gameplay. Let’s play some of this old city-building game and see if the classic city-builders can still hold up to the new games. What do you think?

This was streamed at where subs can watch the stream archive early.

#Nostalgiasm is a series about gaming nostalgia and #NostalgicGaming where I jump back to a game from the ‘Nostalgic Period of Gaming’, 1995-2002, and either relive my old memories or experience something I missed out on. I play through the initial gameplay for about 1 hour plus to see if I still enjoy the game.

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burntbybrighteyes says:

I just stumbled on your channel about a week ago and I’m loving it! These are my kind of games. Keep it up!

Argonova says:

I wasn’t kind in my Caesar 4 comment, so I don’t really want to be too negative about the first Caesar. I did actually play it as a kid when it first came out, but all of my fond memories are of 2 and 3. Even for its time, the game was impenetrability cryptic. The graphics also looked like a dogs breakfast. Great little forum tunes though.

Marcus Alexandre Leitão Guedes says:

Man I love the music in this old DOS games. Caesar evolved a lot, though.

Abou Sayd says:

Oh finally, Caesar 5 !! I know this is just a preview but I can’t wait to see the complete game for the next year #thehypeisreal !!! They really turned down the graphics this time, though…..

TheRayblade says:

“ides” is pronounced like “tide”, like “tides of march” without the T

GamerZakh says:

The ORIGINAL Caesar! This is real old and has a lot of odd and confusion quirks, but it does have a certain charm doesn’t it? That music too! What do you think? Meanwhile, you can check out the full Nostalgiasm playlist to see other trips into the past like Metal Fatigue, Spore, and Dungeon Keeper! –

KaioGamer says:

omg this game its a classic, i remember when i played this on my 486 PC on Commander Norton xD

Cheers from Argentina.

PD: Are you from Great Britain? for ypur accent

Pumpkin Pie says:

Wow, I’m wondering how you even managed to get it to work on modern system.

Peppe Pane says:

Good thing that military cost money as grow up, they should do the same on caesar 3

urugamer2 says:

So much caesar game and u dont know what happen in the roman history on the “Ides of March”? 😀 julio caesar was killed in that days of march.

Aleksander Bogdanovic says:

letsss gooooooo fix for today 🙂

MrNicePlayer says:

Nice video but men are you cringe when you dance ‘>…<

Bob Grimes says:

Looks like an ancient version of SIM City. Caesar II was a major upgrade.

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