Bullet Train VR Gameplay on HTC Vive (Revive) – FPS tech-demo for Oculus Rift Touch Controllers

Let´s try the latest Bullet Train VR tech-demo on HTC Vive that´s working lovely thanks to Revive! Bullet Train is a short but beautiful FPS tech-demo made for Oculus Rift Touch Controller release, and it gives you one of the most realistic, good looking and cool VR experience ever seen! Bullet Train is free for download on Oculus Home, and you can try it out anytime by following the intructions below.

Step one is to download Oculus Home and install it on you computer:

When installation is done, look for Bullet Train and install it inside of Oculus Home.

Step two is to get the latest Revive hack version 1.0.1 (or later) here:

Install the ReviveInstaller.exe (make sure to shut down SteamVR before you start the installation). After starting up SteamVR, you will have a Revive-tab on your Stream VR Dashboard.

Click on the Revive tab inside of SteamVR Dashboard and you will see all your installed Oculus games. Choose Bullet Train, start the game and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this short tech-demo gameplay of Bullet Train VR on HTC Vive, and if you did then please klick the Like-button, thanks! Also, subscribe to SweViver for much more VR content, VR gameplay and Mixed Reality gameplay coming up almost daily 🙂



Toxic Raven says:

oculus rift can suck it, I won’t buy anything oculus related because of the exclusivity bullshit. the consoles deserve the same treatment because they are doing the same thing for decades. Exclusives only fracture the gaming community, and is only in the interest of the scummy sponsors

elitespa says:

Soon Revive will be part of the past Vive noobs…..

dkhosa says:

Stop talking so much

justinspirational says:

how do controler functions/button assignments translate to the VIve with oculus games using revive since the image of an oculus touch shows up? Thank you

Angelo Bayona says:

What’s up with the mixed reality, it doesn’t show your guns

The Dead Immortal says:

You sound like those foreign pornstars who’re way too over-enthusiastic to fuck an 18 year old in a public place

Ben Brotherton says:

dude, the bit pulling up to the station looked absolutely surreal. I think the people who have never tried VR (Oculus / Vive) don’t quite know what the immersion is like. It’s so realistic, even when graphics aren’t jaw dropping. That said, the visuals on this are amazing! Thanks for the video 😀

Leon Silavant says:

Great video, can’t wait to try this on Touch when it arrives tomorrow!

Starpilot149 says:

This game is absolutely spectacular! Just played it on my Touch. It’s incredibly satisfying to fire the AK-47s with both hands

vapedragon says:

Great video man. You had this up early! Glad I got to see some vive gameplay of it, I’m gonna install the game and revive tonight

Drunken Master says:

Very nice video, I’m happy you can play oculus games on the VIVE.  I’ll try the game in less than a day when my Touch controllers arrive.
You should try the game  Hot Dogs, HOrseshoes and Hand Grenades
Also a short and cheap scary game Escape Bloody Mary.

c3tr4 says:

Teleporting is trash and VR gaming will continue to be trash until full movement comes, stop wasting out time with this shit.

Neddskorg says:

Hold the teleport button down to do some Matrix like shooting go for single head shots only its quite a challenge.

SadisticStang says:

Can we use the demo with the CV1, can someone upload it?

NoPhame says:

Why can’t they just make some nunchucks like the Wii for movement? Teleporting is lameee

David Sun says:

Wow. Only 22 years, and we have gone from Virtua Cop to this amazing VR experience. Cannot wait to see why the future holds.

Miganarchine says:

Teleporting the bane of VR, Sick of it give us full movement or go home!

Patrick Scheper says:

“Most realistic game I’ve seen in VR” – Random enemy runs across the screen. “Realistic”

Nicky Pepper says:

shut up you shut skin

FultonX says:

with this locomotion would be awesome–> https://youtu.be/m2feI7Voa8o

VRreando says:


Jack Harrison says:

Lol game in the description is bullet storm

neonridr says:

This demo has now become Robo Recall. It is supposed to release early next year. So if you liked this demo, then be sure to check out that game when it releases in 2017.

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