BUILDING A WATER BASE?! – Voxel Turf Gameplay – City Base Building Game!

Building a water base in Voxel Turf Gameplay!

Starting fresh in Voxel Turf by building a Water Base next to an Oil Rig! This is the Voxel Turf update testing out Strat Zero mode. Will SpyCakes and Beautiful OB build the best base?

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About Voxel Turf:

Voxel Turf is a block based city builder and management style simulator game. Build cities and start businesses. Build a real estate empire, or perhaps just drive around, its your choice!” Do it in Multiplayer Gameplay or Singleplayer!

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Daniel Bacheller says:


A says:

Make a weapon room or a boat or sub room i dont know obout this game srry

Braden Johnson says:

U left ur hover craft at the oil rig

Jing Gutierrez says:

Add a underwater base but it’s camaflage

Thomas Pugh says:

Build a sniper tower

Lobster Gaming says:

More more

cubeo plays says:

hi spy i love your videos and have watched them when i’m feeling down keep doing what your doing!

Victor Viveros says:

An armory

Benjamin Shen says:

Worker: so this Is where we keep our oil
New Worker: so Whats that
Worker: oh Thais just an oil leak we‘ll fix it later
New Worker: oh ok then
Worker: and hear is… do u hear that?
New worker wait… did u say… oh no…
*Military busting down door*
Military: GET THE OIL!!!!!!!

vra gamer says:


arjay carlo romano says:

Theres a car in the oil rigs

Jr.andAdrian Yay says:

More please

cool guy says:

Give ob 100000000000000000000000000000 dalers

CladifiedGaming says:

can ya build a dry dock behind the base and add part of a battleship? to scare the enemies? maybe a ship like part of the Bismarck or yamato, perhaps?

Officer Jack54321f says:


Cooper Golden says:

An arsenal

Onsure Hines says:


lyza ghaffar says:

Can you do morevideos and my name is irfan

Benjamin Shen says:


The Uganda WAE says:

Awsome video 😀

P51 Mustang says:

Hey spy try your hovercraft a hanger in water The would be cool

Mr. Riddle Da Master says:

Do a secret underground lab please

Purple Man says:

Maybe turrets and sniper spots on each wall maybe hire people onto them

SpyCakes says:

Checking out the new update and mode in Voxel Turf! It’s going to be much more tough and challenging with enemies on the map. What would you like us to build?

Savien Ramdass says:

Play more

Jing Gutierrez says:

Oh and make bridge so you can connect your oil rig and puta tower to look at the enemy attack’s

vra gamer says:


Kaleb K says:

As soon as the episode started . “Ob is now from fallout?” Yay

Isak filbært says:

nice video SpyCakes keep it up

Lenn Lockwood says:

Put guards on the oil rig

Matthew 27 says:

Yuo guys should play unturned

baron123 g says:

play more voxel turf spy love your vids keep it up

T hallsome says:

Well look at that im wearing a punisher shirt and love vault boy… huh

Steffon Brown says:

Build a military water base ability water post out or Shipyard

mas Billi says:

spy!i want u todo another voxelturf epesode!!!!

Juanita Gonzalez says:

Can you please make a game room

Ricardo Gutierrez says:

Build a huge tower.

Elisa Novelo says:

add a roof

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