BTR-80 Support & Medic Gameplay – Squad Realistic FPS Gameplay


Oh I love Squad btw, this game makes my ears and my eyes so happy, it sounds BEAST and the particles make this game come to life..

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EF4ever2gether says:

I dont like the German videos about this Game. They be like “hahaha im getting shot”. Thats not Funny. Just spot the f****** Enemy and close your mouth. I need this Game ! Oh I forgot.. Im German 🙂

Po Tato says:

Still complete trash

Frogman 16 says:

why this map so dark

fruktjuiceify says:

You were in luck. Nordic is a good SL.

Cheeki Chan says:

do you know what even more awesome ? the squad people are working on ww2 squad too fuck bf1 fuck cad just take my money and make it happen plz

PornFlakes says:

I just subscribed for reminding me of the best american movie ever, American Pie 😀

Derpy says:

is the medic still up? Sherm: no i’m down

Taylor Little says:

No stryker, no care.

S0NNy Gaming says:

more squad pls

Alfred says:

How can you get a vehicle? I bought the game 3 hourse ago and i love it!

ruben Ruiz says:

2:16-2:20 was that the enemy?!? Behind the fence

That Person says:

Sherman u used to called us Ploobs and Pleebs now you called us Boyos?

schmid1.0 says:


my face at the last few minutes


Is there an observer cam in this yet?

klusps says:

Other games have sound mods, this game doesn’t need any in my opinion.

5Y5T3N says:

hey Sherm are you going to be playing more of this?

Officecloth says:

Pleb actually defined as a member of a despised social class, a commoner, a member of the plebs of ancient Rome. Also low-born, undisinguished, vulgar, and my personal favourite: vulgar-looking.

Other words with similar meaning: Scrut, Townie, Kappa-Slapper, Rude-Boi, Scum, Greb, Scav

PugViking says:

Me and some guys play a lot of squad. Message me if you wanna join our Discord channel and play with us.
We’re mostly army vets with a passion for video games, but everyone is welcome as long as they follow orders from SL’s. 🙂

Laughter Heals says:

You’re so bad but I love it XD I cant say much cause I’ve never played, but getting up while being shot at? Seems like a bad idea XD still love your vids, keep up the work

rui castro says:

Are you blind xD 12:13

Hybrid Tacos says:

I hope squads could come to xbox one… We have NOTHING when it comes to realistic games. We have bf4, but that is in no way realistic. Not to mention my teamates never communicate.

Zerox324 f3 says:

the one who briefed about the btr sound like he could just tweak his voice a bit and be an ingame character that will say the mission briefings

Adept Deer says:


NewMessi7 says:

is that game worth buying ?

COSBY Zzz says:

Was bluedrake their

kasperi 20 says:

squad is made bay the gays that made project reality

Léo Freitas - UBGE says:

Sherman have you played PR?

Enfield13 says:

Running like they are wearing diapers or something.

Georg281relo says:

Hey, i meet you at a Heroes of the West server some days ago!

Scout Norris says:

Why did he killed that guy at 10:18

Void304 says:

Did you not see that guy standing in gap of that fence at 12:15?

He was probably the one that hit you with the grenade.

TheKruze88 says:

turn your brightness up ffs

bangdongfingfong ho chow says:

man just picture a ww2 mod for this game

Danny jones says:

At 40:50 you should’ve sat Ina corner and held one angle down. And forced atleast one into your kill zone, then you could properly counter attack.

Kallum Rogers says:

Sherman stop doing long intros so boring

RalpGalland says:

question: Is it your settings or is the game a bit on the dark side? Shadows are like Heroes & Generals, small black holes that could hide an army in mid sunny day.
When inside the btr, it’s so darned dark, and outside the landscape is littered with “black holes” from shadows…

9613enrico says:

12:15 how did you not see the enemy behind the wall O.o

Gwap Gwap Savage says:

Can you help me when i’m on my pc menu i try to start up squad its so slow

despotar1000 says:

since when there are vehicles`?

LDT233 says:

what gpu do you have because i have a rx 480 and get 30fps or 47 on like 40 men servers

Francisco Navarro says:

Arma 3 or squad?? Comment pls!!

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