Brand New Madden NFL 17 Gameplay | Cardinals vs Patriots | Presentation & Commentary

This video is sponsored by EA Game Changers. The game is NOT FINAL, and still a “Work in Progress”.

In this video we are focusing on Madden NFL 17’s New Presentation and Commentary. We also wanted to take a look at how stock blitzes work in Madden 17. Thanks for Watching!

Whats going on guys!? We got our 2nd ever Madden NFL 17 gameplay video for you guys! Shout out to EA for letting me capture some video to show to you guys! For more information on anything Madden NFL 17 please visit
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Ben Gamer says:

the only bit I like was at 3:25 when that guy got destroyed XD

Mike M says:

how exactly did the oprning kick return lose 5 yards by getting to the 20?

Leo Roth says:

Nothing new. They need Gruden as commentator!

Josh Parr says:

This is 16

timabuf says:

they better fix how stiff the players look while moving it looks soo bad, and that shitty running animation still?

Cameron Hernandez says:

another year. another shitty ass fuckin Madden. just stick to the roots of classic madden. Madden 10 did a lot of things right

Samuel Wu says:

They can never seem to get the blocking concepts down since like madden11

Daniel Cowen says:

Still no Belichick? He’s probably the reason half the coaches in the league exist. His snuff each year tells me EA shouldn’t be using “it’s in the game” if many things are not in the game.

Joseph R says:

Gresham’s Cardinals. Lmao. What a joke

Prince Smooth says:

That really sound like tom Brady

Ronelle Grassii says:

Why does everyone that uses NE Suck?

ExactElite_ 69 says:

I honestly dont like the commentators.
At all

Linda Princesita says:


Jordan B says:

I know this is just looks but you should be able to choose how your players body type is, for instance, in real life some guys are 270+ pounds but look pretty slim. You should be able to choose how your characters body type is imo cuz if you look at a Mariota or Newton figure they look pretty slim but in madden they look pretty thick in their torso etc.

NCISfanatic21 says:

Thank god Phil Simms and Jim Nantz are gone

Untamed Juggernaut says:

The old kicking system is back

Kaman_ da says:

The commentary is better than ever.

Palagiboy99 says:

Where’s Tony Jefferson and Tyvon Branch?

jimmy goodman says:

I hate the circles under the players, they look terrible and glitchy and i hope theyre fixed

patpat says:

Why can’t they fix those cheesy ass arm sleeves.. Any one else agree?

R Conrad says:

the announcers make it sound like a college game ugh,not there fault just doesnt sound right for NFL.EA got some work 2 do

Elijah Rudolph says:

Brandon Gautin sounds like Thom Brennaman

Supreme Spongebob says:

Shoes are still S H I T

Sergeant Shark says:

who the heck is coaching the patriots?

R Conrad says:

that sack of brady was a joke,defender ran straight at him both arms straight out and layed him down on ground,doesn’t even come close to a real tackle

Clayton whitepower bigsby says:

who ever never played madden 16 last year and is saying its the same shit .pleas stfu!! this madden is gonna finnaly be an upgrade..yes they still have things to add and tweek but finnally madden 17 is on the right track

Dimitri Apilats says:

players legs look like made out of the rubber lol

Dan McGowan says:

The commentary seems a little annoying

DAVID veilleux says:

If you own Madden 16, keep it and save $60. Or if you haven’t bought one in several years just get Madden 16. There will be no difference. It will still be impossible to run. Hall of Fame QBs will underthrow nearly every deep ball, blockers will ignore LBs and DEs so that you get sacked your CBs will drop 70% of the picks thrown to them and the CPU will intercept balls that they have no chance of getting within 5 yards of.

Haven’t bought Madden in 10 years. And I wont. It’s garbage. The NFL gets my money again when they end this exclusive nonsense with EA. I get that EA couldn’t compete with 2k. But that doesn’t mean the fans should suffer for it.

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