Block’hood – Sim Tower-esq City Builder! – Ep 1 (Gameplay 1080p)

Let’s Play Block Hood a vertical City-Builder which challenges you to balance resources & make a beautiful city in a block!

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adrian roed says:

6:55 biffa its your storage!! thats why it goes up and down. also it just adds the produktion aka u got 2 water making in total and 4 water consumtion so of course u lack water, sorry if i sound mad, im just tired of facepalming ;P

Starslayer Gaming says:

I supported this game on greenlight an in other ways and I got no access D;

Johnny Os says:

Nice e game but I was facepalming like the second half of the game while you tried to place something in the top layer. everything’s needs a connection. in spectation-mode you see green and red arrows next to the block you are looking on. these arrows show the connection to the system red means no connection and great connected. when you place a flat ontop of annother flat you need to build something for the entrance. just an elevator will not be enough, you need to place a second ontop of it and than a path from the elevators to the 2nd layer flat. be aware of the physics so you need to place something for the path to hold on.
The analyse statistics are simular to the statistics of planetbase. you see the amount you have stored in the moment and whether they are rising or not. how to see the balance o do not know yet.

The Jedi Guy says:

When does this game come out???

HotelSuper says:

Honestly thought this was Habbo Hotel from the thumbnail

Sanlı Kayhan Dilbaz says:


philip300000 says:

worste game reviewer ive ever seen u have no idea what ure even doing and its so simple stick to checkers!!!!!

Sirius Black says:

how are you not even realising that the numbers reflect a storage buffer… i got that much at around the time you built the first two wells, you still don’t seem to understand it at the end of the video… also how people don’t float through midair is something you seem to not understand…

znxster says:

Are the numbers on the left rates or just totals?

Black Mail says:

I don’t have the game but what i have absorbed is that the arrows show where the connoctions are and red means not conneted and green means connected. And i think the Up- ,Down-arrow in the list shows if you are gaining or loosing stuff and the number means how much do you have.
But still nice video and sorry for my bad grammer.

mwallace142 Minecraft Fun and Games says:

Very interesting. I like it when the game intentionally constrains the playing area. Makes you think. Really enjoyed this episode.

jimis michas says:

I am looking forward to episode 2!

JJ And Bros says:

Did You realize you were saying algae wrong?

jrel1kor says:

Looks like it’ll be a cool game once it is finally done! It’ll be interesting to see how this game progresses and what new things the Dev has in store! See ya’ next time, Biffa!

TheJessassin says:

Game looks pretty neat. Very aesthetically pleasing as well! Looking forward to more videos 🙂

nick zielinski says:

why are you so dumb it the buildings have arrows if they’re red theres no connection

Ptoler and the nutters says:

Cool but weird game! -_-

jimUkay says:

This game is weird

Biffa: Strategy, Survival & Indie Games says:

Thumbs up for a new great game, reminds me a lot of Sim Tower & another fantastic City Bulder! There are a few in game bugs but the dev is working hard on those so Episode 2 very soon.

The audio quality on my voice drops slightly around the 11 min makr just for a minute due to YouTube removing an audio track for me that the dev used but was still copyrighted (!!).

Oh well. At least you get to enjoy this video still. Thanks for the support 🙂

Matthew Ross says:

I’ve enjoyed watching your videos and I can see some other people commenting on the same thing. I’m trying to constructively comment politely here. The numbers on the left are cumulative. For example, each Well makes 1 water, each Tree takes 1 water. You have 2 wells but 4 trees. Left alone, +2 – 4 = -2 Water, i.e. a decreasing number eventually reaching zero, when your trees decay. Later, you were asking about grey water, and that’s the same. The flats produce 4 grey water, but the algae farm doesn’t take 4 grey water so over time you have a build up of grey water.

secret6699 says:

you should produce fresh air

Kupi175 says:

door shows the front, road must go to door

Carlo Miranda says:

Yes I can see the Simtower style of monitoring the status: evaluation, etc of one block

DeadlyApples666 says:

The wells produce 1 water each and the trees take 1 water each. You have 2 wells but 4 trees so you are only producing enough water for 2 trees. You need a total of 4 water being produced to cover the cost of 4 trees. 🙂

TurtlesCanFly says:

This game is so neat! 😀

Wayan Ayama says:

I’d definitely love to play this once it comes out. Thanks for the gameplay Biffa!

Mumbo Jumbo says:

Beautiful looking game :O

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