BlackShot: Mercenary Warfare FPS – Gameplay – PC HD [1080p]

*BlackShot is a free-to-play game, now on STEAM*
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Game: BlackShot: Mercenary Warfare FPS
Platform: Steam
Genre: Action, Casual, Free to Play
Developer/Publisher: Vertigo Games America
Release Date: 1 Jun, 2016

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LionX says:

like and subs,go to my channel <3

DIABO Blackshot says:

Got my sub!

Goldinq says:

this is just like combat arms

zul faris says:

good for you when i play i always make new acc so now i lost my greatest acc but if my new acc it get to sergeant in only an 20000bp which is the first thing you get

Matheus Ferreira says:

like + 1 inscrito brother … TMJ !

BruhDepr says:

Can you put face cam I that software you are using

Kuzman says:

When i want to conect to server, this game just crash, someone know how i can fix it?

Joker Gamez says:

i left a like and subscribed itd be nice if you could do bck:) nice vid btw!

Brandon MCPE And More! says:

kinda like counter strike?

PerfeqtMarcos BR says:

mano + 1 inscrito se inscreve no meu canal tambem é nois

Cloud Strife says:

Looks so old..and bad….

Odin Goiás Tutoriais e Dicas says:

jogo lixo pay to win !

news05kid says:

now if only I knew how to play pc like i play my console then ill give it a try. nice gameplay

Ethy25 says:

ai .. gostei do conteúdo… +1 inscrito e sininho ativado… , tbm tenho um canal… se poder passa lá depois se gostar se inscreva tbm. até mais e parabéns pelo canal…juntos somos mais fortes.

YTKondiPL says:


Profeta92 says:

Likeee! 🙂

Cryotic says:

Whats your steam user so we can play together maybe collab

Alahe says:

What program for record ? Me english is very bad :v

Zoey says:

Teve bastante views esse 😀

MazeDragon says:

maybe 10 adds more in the vid

Canal Eclypse says:

Muito Bom, abraços

GAMER says:


Jensen Button says:

Is it still pay to win?

Pac Games says:

Show de bola brother,tem video novo lá no canal tmj

marlon temprana says:

can you keep guns that have hours and mins under them

DrMagus5 says:

Like 136 bro :D!

EL KO says:

nice gameplay, hope to see more videos soon 😀

WARLy Gamer says:

não conhecia esse ,parece CS. Like!!!!

Ermac Gamer says:

so tinha BR no chat

PlayDk says:

show da hora o video!
se quiser da uma passada no canal ese inscreve eu retribuo!!

O Copiador Bom dimais says:

Queria saber de uma coisa ,
Eu baixei o jogo e pah so que quando viro a tela “a arma”,
da um efeito de bloom e não sei tirar.

Clorox Bleach says:

can you aim down your sights?

Alex Rerecich says:

Why would anyone play this, it has horrible graphics and gameplay compared to pretty much any other FPS out there. If you only play free games there are still plenty of FPS’s out there that the developers actually put effort into like Blacklight Retribution which has the same quality has many other $60 USD games like Black Ops 3.

Danizampi Games says:

Muito bom, show adorei

Each TV says:

great video 🙂 subbed and liked plz back buddy 🙂 thaaaaank you

Lilcomet Psn says:

So many hackers today…

DrSarac says:

great game , i was playing this before like crazy, then they shutdown the game… when i saw that it’s on steam realesed again i could not belive my eyes… the best thing is that my account still works hehehe(you can login with old acc) people give it bad reviews on steam(enter the game play one match and uninstall) , but actually the game is great, especially after some time(just install and play you will see)easy the best free to play FPS game, it was the best before 5 years, and it’s still is 🙂

florida livin' says:

what recording software do you use its really nice!

Маша Играет в Куклы says:

Great channel!!! Cool videos !!! I subscribed! Please sub me back! Thanks My like # 129 🙂

wictor TV says:

uma pergunta ele pega em pc fraco

*N1ck :3 #TWD* says:

Cara Add no game meu Nome E An5hony pra nois Gravar juntos TMJ !!

hatrisha says:

how to download this game??

TheGameing Ghost says:

can u use a controller?

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