Black Squad Online FPS Gameplay Various Matches 4k Resolution

Playing around with AK12 and SCAR-H some light sniping. HP doesn’t Regen in this game so once you get hit, you’re doomed. Planting Bomb mode during 2nd half of video. The beta ends in two days.

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to_suto/ とーすと says:


Gamelinkster says:


S_ BO says:

옛날블스가 더재밋어보이는이유는뭐지

Kuraihyun Pana says:

i had a good news
Black Squad will be available soon in japan server ^^
i can’t wait for cbt cause indonesian server had no updated patch longer since january 2016 🙁

Misael Indra Wijaya says:

black squad and squad is different game

Wisdom&Strength says:

CS COPY with better graphics, still bleah…

응아님 says:

블스에서도 부자집맵이있었굿

Oledole1337 says:

Will this game be released on Steam?

Maxrator says:

download ???

멀봐 says:


vanguardsky says:

LOLLLLLLLL what is that c4 like hand grenade doesn’t have purpose to planting being terrorist so noob thiss game

why you not just to throwing 10 hand grenade with ur team the explode will more then c4 in blacksquad…
so fucking realistic/…
shitty game ever

Tom TheSP says:

that rain map tho, beautiful

ekipe kelson says:


Misan tropo says:

this doesnt look so bad

Viktor Hakala says:

Will be this game available in EU ?

Crossy Weed says:

A Brand New Knock out with BF4
Nice work South Korea

h rh says:

처음에 하는 맵 이름 뭐죠? 지금은 없는것 같은데

Gamesharereview says:

Great gameplay u play blacklight

Rodrigo Hernandez says:

men a question this game work for mac or not pls answer


here some epic moment :
00.00 -10.30
good gameplay lol

JC SlimR15 says:

can change the POV? (sorry for bad english)

B.S says:

목소리가 왜이러죠

Oledole1337 says:

Will this game get released Europe?

ClassiC says:

the sounds are disgusting and loud

KocakGAMING says:

and of course the korean version is better than the Indonesia, because its from Korea, but i wanna ask you something can i play the Korean version but play it in Indonesia? or no?

Gabriel Pena says:

where can i download this game

뭐로하지 says:

블스 초창기때 목소리..ㅋ

felipe hyung says:

안녕하세요 ….

PsEuDoAnOnYmOuS ­­­ says:

when this comes to EU, im tired of Warface…

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