BioShock: The Collection Remastered Comparison Trailer

Rapture and Columbia like you’ve never seen them before! Experience the opening of BioShock fully remastered in all its glory and see how your favorite locations are remastered for current-gen consoles in BioShock: The Collection.

Revisit the depths of Rapture, sail through Columbia, and experience a never-before-seen video series with commentary from Ken Levine. All three BioShock games, complete with all single-player DLC, are fully remastered for current-gen consoles in BioShock: The Collection. Available 16 September 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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EMan7741 says:

Thanks for showing a side by side comparison.

Oh wait….

nexusshark says:

Hope the remaster will fix some audio issues with the first two.

Dark Souls says:

It’s all about infinite all the other bioshocks are kinda boring

michael T says:

Why not just show them side by side real time???

BigBoned says:

if yall faggots dont like then dont buy it stop bitching ffs.

Deron1733 says:

Why are there PC players in every single comment section for console videos? Aren’t you Gus busy growing neck beards and getting to level 150 on WOW? Damn leave the casual gamers alone, we actually have lives to live here.

DDark S says:

The remaster is the same old pc version ported to current gen consoles with a bit of improvment except for infinite its the same for pc and thats why it will not get remastered on it.

El Matador says:

will it be 60 bucks?

Aaron D.19 says:

can’t wait!

bostonianful says:

okay, to every single moron below me who says that this isn’t a remaster, wake up idiot. this is a remaster for the new console version, just so it can be on next gen consoles. its not suppose to have new groundbreaking graphics that look completely different, if your looking for something like that, go buy halo: the master chief collection. seriously, its just bioshock 1, 2, and infinite for next gen consoles, its said to have 60fps and includes all the dlc’s. frankly, i like bioshock and im not a graphic whore like most people, so im not critical of graphics. bioshock 1 while it doesn’t have graphics that will blow you away, it has new details in certain places, like seeing jacks sweater on his arms or environments with new details put in them, not to mention improvements in lighting, the same goes for bioshock 2, and bioshock infinite will have a slightly better graphics engine and thats it. frankly, i see these remasters as a good thing, sense i don’t have to switch between next gen and last gen consoles just to play one fricken game. not to mention that this remaster includes the dlc’s and sense i don’t have online, this collection is good for me. so why don’t all you idiots just stop being graphic whores and like these games for being a good franchise and realize they just made this collection for those with next gen consoles, not to make new groundbreaking graphics.

StrokeDisRod says:

Good if for some reason you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years and haven’t owned these games already. Waste of money if you already have them.

KevinR1138 says:

Got into this discussion over on another Bioshock remastered page, anyway, I assume this means that BioShock won’t be backwards compatible on the Xbox one after all?
Somebody said yes it would but that doesn’t make any sense from a business standpoint I mean why the hell would they release a remastered version AND make the 360 version available for free to previous owners of the old version?
I mean let alone the fact that in the history of “remasters” on the Xbox One that has never happened, but logically that would cut into their potential profits and companies aren’t known…the smart ones anyway…to hobble any potential profit from pre existing properties.
Don’t get me wrong I would be perfectly happy if they released these to backwards compatibility as I got almost all of them for free and paid for the DLC only on BioShock infinite on sale, I have no intention on paying full price for something that I’ve already owned and waited to play on the Xbox one because Microsoft all but promised it would be backwards compatible.

Jonathan Heckler says:

thanks 2k for removing what appears to be a grey filter (definitely not added in post) and then applying jellyfish because… Thats what the gamers want. Go back to sleep 2K

hey its true story says:


Robert Stan says:

LOL… the original versions didn look that bad or run at 20 frames per second as shown in the video. Piss off, the jump is big (almost like the jump to PC), but don’t donwgrade the PS3/X360 version intentionally to make the new ones look better you cunts.

Charlieignatious says:

May give the remastered a try as I have all the games

TankTaur says:

Wait, so did they just disable the filters and enable 60 fps? No actual update of the graphics? I hope they at least fixed the dead doll-eyes and plastic look of the NPCs.

Fred 006 says:

0:27 I don’t understand how people can say there’s no difference

demented dave's taste of dementia says:

the xbox one version of bioshock 1 does not have surround sound it is exclusive to ps4 2k support says this is not a bug and will not be patched

Andreas Fahlborg says:

Remastered?! But, no! Just upped the draw distance, resolution and fps. Nothing remastered about it, at all. If anything they botched the atmosphere when they removed fog, smoke and fire that where there to cover poor draw distance. Come on 2k!


I bet you can get a pretty good sneak peak at how the first 2 will look like if you play burial at sea maxed out on pc, am I right 2K?

Bailey Jones says:

You lowered the contrast and upped the saturation, bravo.

Michael Green says:

Maybe now i won’t have to run in compatibility mode to hear the game anymore

Paul Sirota says:


The Atomic Cherry says:

I only have this game because Steam gave it to me.

I Fuzion xPro I says:

@Giblix Studio Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock: Infinite are all running in 1080p at 60 frames per second on Xbox One and PS4. Also, if you want a console that will do 4K at 60 frames per second, pre-order Xbox One Scorpio. It will be the world’s most powerful and ultimate console ever made. It will crush everything.

Yasuko Ibuki says:

am i the only one seeing differentce??
i have played 1 & 2 so many times.
so many!
and ive watched game plays of it.
ive even looked at the trash in the game in detail i mean C’MON!

this shit looks great.

Yggdrasill4 says:

This doesn’t warrant purchasing this game again if you already own it,
this is pathetic. I am not expecting a leap like Halo Anniversary took
from it’s original, but this looks like they just literally tweaked the
settings a little and added some of the details they had to scrap off
during its development in order to make it run relatively smoothly at
the time. I have these games for xbox360, I don’t think I will be getting it free nor do I care 😀

Zagryzun says:

ебатень какая то

I Fuzion xPro I says:

I really hope this is 60fps.

Aaron D.19 says:

the should remaster all of the launch trailers

Николай Бородин says:

По моему не особо все изменилось, графика чуть посвежее и водорослей больше)

Jon Gerhards says:

if this tales off we may see 2k make another bioshock, please please please let that be the case!!!!

scs1156320 says:

Can we please just have bioshock 3?

Gary says:

UGLY! UGLY! UUUGGGLYYYYY! seriously though, the difference is so small and it’s still not even close to up to scratch with modern visuals.

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