Madden 17 Ultimate Team Gameplay! Odell Beckham Jr is looking to make big plays in our MUT playoff game and for the Giants in the NFL playoffs. Can both happen?

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R Clif says:

2 for 2

King Loin says:

Seahawks are fucking cheating bitches

The Case says:

If Pittsburgh goes to the Super Bowl they will not lose

Israel Avalos says:

And then the Chiefs are gonna sneak into the Super Bowl #LETS GO CHIEFS

propper cooldude says:

I like Kansas city cheifs

Billy Sirakis says:

0:10- 0:20. Boi what are the chances of that freaking happening that was insane

Jonathan Costanza says:


Cstrongfellow 24 says:

I pray your right on the Cowboys winning the super bowl because I’m a die hard fan

Immaculate Mike says:

cookie what happened to mrgoldensports?? Have u heard from him?

LowKeyGaming says:


Beatorious says:

Hey, you can get free coins/cash for madden mobile at:

Mathias Renault says:

Tissue quest elderly last cooperate institution slam elbow.

Camanni Williams says:

seahawks vs patiros

Eclipse_Gamer Jay says:

Can somebody hack my account and give me lots of contracts?

Anthony El says:

good touch down


Boi I am a fan but you saying seahawks won’t make the super bowl you wait and see

DJ Randolph says:

Giants fan predicting the Patriots losing. Surprise lol. Love your videos cookie

Anthony Caflisch says:

packers over giants

Beatriz Freire says:

Miami is hurt

Jayden Monto says:

packers won ha ha

Dori Flerlage says:

I agree giants boo packers I voted for giants and go bears so boo packers

Seth Kornelsen says:

Packers won lol

Austin Lunsford says:

My Super Bowl prediction is another rematch- Giants Patriots and once again Giants Win

SPAZ5OUT says:

Your opponent drops back wayyyy too far. Even worse he drops back like 15 yards to throw a deep ball that’s going to hang in the air forever because of how far he drops back.

Gabriel Holtke says:

But then the giants got whooped lmao

Reflex Gamer191 says:

Guys I’m willing to trade players for a collectible I have a lot of collectibles and I’ll trade for some players

Realray Roblox and more says:

I say that Dallas Cowboys are going to the super bowl and it will be Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots.

Drew Parker says:

Greeeeeeen bay

Vortex Camo says:

So what happens to the giants winning agin oh yeah Rodgers threw the ball like the giants wanted and he got 4 touchdowns 3 to randel cob

Jeff Denario says:

I was the 1000th like

JT L says:

Giants lost and now everyone that’s a packers fan is gonna keep talking about it. The receivers kept dropping the footballs especially odell but all I can say for us is there’s always next season to get good draft picks and learn from mistakes.

Ty Duncan says:

Disagree packers over pitts for superbowl

Cavone Richardson says:

odell is on saftey

DanteLikeDemFins says:

I got the best friend to me but when she saw my mom she is my friend.

oqihouqiop says:

lol dallas isn’t winning a playoff game cookie

Trent Anderson says:

Giants took that L

Isaiah Moya says:

all the girls that are single do you want to be with me I am 13 so if u want to are no are yes and u could tell me if you want my number

Shawn Flodine says:

Steelers Nation

MindBlowingHD says:


Spencer Creech says:

Patriots will win it all

Pete Donofrio says:

cookieboy17 do a NBA 17 top ten plays of week. Everyone like this comment if you agree

Everything Madden says:

500K Madden PS4 Giveaway on my channel

Drew Parker says:


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