BeamNG Drive – 6 Car Racing & Crashing! (BeamNG Drive Gameplay Highlights & Funny Moments)

BeamNG Drive Gameplay Highlights featuring AI racing and loads of crashes! Welcome back to another episode of BeamNG Drive. So the most requested thing I get on this series is to do some car racing, so I listened and we have 3 different race scenarios with AI. I hope you enjoyed this episode of BeamNG Drive, thanks for watching and liking.

More BeamNG Drive Gameplay:

This video includes:

BeamNG Drive Stunts
BeamNG Drive Racing
BeamNG Drive Crashes

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☆2nd Channel:

Intro: Pure Gold 1 – Niklas Ahlström
Outro: Glitz At The Ritz 2 – Gavin Luke


RTXonerix says:

I like watching Draegast’s videos when there’s nothing to do, but geesh it’s sometimes cringy af to watch him play like a total console peasant with no skill or something…

glemmeren says:

more a-i plzzzzzz????

Dylon L says:

“Hey there shitweeds” “Only you can prevent forest fires” LMAO!!!

Ivan Galope says:

308,388th view wow im so late

Forrest Gump says:

muthafucka just called me a shitweed? ima find you!!

MR FAILURE 404 says:


Broken Pickaxe says:

Do more racing

NewGunBunny says:

Loving how you sound like Jack Black at times shitweed.

Chris Reyes says:

Learn to let go of the gas pedal and break when your coming in to a corner dont use e break just the break

BlatentlyFakeName says:

Should mash Beam NG damage physics with Project cars.

JopS z says:

whats a shitweed

The amazing gamer and vlager BEN says:


Kevin Singleton says:

woulda been better out of first person

[SF] StarFire says:

(Car catches fire)
“Only you can prevent forest fires.”
(Forest fire starts)

Zmitty says:

did he call us shit weeds

Fort Blocks says:

What is a $h!7 weed?
*plants a weed in poop*
*weed dies*
Welp. All out of ideas.

Jeffrey Jessmer says:

What’s the name of the song or beat in your intro from Draegast?!

Brotato Chip says:

can you smoke shitweed?

Log Games2003 says:

Lol he called us crapweeds


1st person 1st place

chambered .45 Gaming says:

Come on guys do you realize all of you are mad because jack black called you shitweed oh I mean draegast

CeruleanSunrise says:

So did i

Janet Watson says:

he called me a shit weed!!!!!

TopicHats says:

Breaking news! Drae gets stuck between a car and a guy on a chair “We’re both smoking”

ZackAttack 42069 says:

fuck u drae calling us shit weeds BOI ill shit on ur weeds a lot ima make a ice cone out of my poop

Cohex Bro says:

Old intro are better

StalkStar says:

wish rockstar would use this engine for gta 6 but change the driving a littlr

Karin Kiis says:

draegast you have to call us shitweeds?

Wesley White says:

And draegast said ” hey there shit weeds”

Sgt_Gudda 24 says:

sure i shit weed

Filip says:

99% of the comment section is Draegast saying “Hello shitweeds!”

I'm not goodbye says:


Kenzi Gonsalves says:

plz dont go first person!

joe Bunker says:

just realized that the beginning of the video he said s*** weeds

Jiří D. YouTube says:

i don’t like maps where are no people or no houses yes some maps have realistic vegetation but it seems to be not realistic to me withrout houses or peoples

-AnimeLover - says:


Kevin Singleton says:

woulda been better out of first person

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