Battlefield Hardline Beta Trailer – Complete FPS Experience Gameplay

Get an in-depth look at all of the new innovations and features coming in Battlefield Hardline, a fresh new take on Battlefield that lets you live out your cops and criminal fantasy. Learn more at

Battlefield Hardline delivers a complete first person shooter experience built on the foundation of team play and strategy the series is renowned for, while adding a story-driven, episodic single player campaign inspired by great TV crime dramas and new multiplayer modes that help make the game the fastest Battlefield ever.

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Battlefield Hardline goes on sale March 17th on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

The Battlefield Hardline open beta goes live on February 3rd for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


SDKiller_YT says:

Campo de batalla linea dura :v

Gerald Herold says:

Why does this remind me of GTA V?


No disappointment… I really enjoyed playing the game…awsome well done EA….keep up the great work

Bruno Ortega says:

What is this? GTA5?

Game Wars says:

was the same woman who did the gameplay trailer for GTA 5?

GerbenPlayz says:

Cool but THE servers ar nog ralie god working fix it

Dawn Wood says:

i love this it’s amazing


Very good hardline battlefield

jhei custodio says:

not boring anymore, thril is on fire lol

Farias Cameraman says:

CS:GO looks better than expected

Erick Alvarez says:

This game rocks!

Renate Paardenkooper says:


Gursewak Singh says:


MaursTM says:

One big game

thegamer 5501 says:

Can you make a us border patrol vs cartels dlc and zombies please to ps4 and ps3 first.

Elena Kawaii says:

Is this worth getting or nah?

Koko Barsum says:

i have this game

Matthew Gonzalez says:

Battlefield Bad Company Vietnam shits all over this garbage

TheOnlyGHOST1015 says:

Amazing freaking game

TheChrisAndOnly says:

I hate how everybody is hating on this game, it’s amazing in my opinion. Yes, it’s not much vehicle warfare any more but tbh vehicles made it annoying a lot of the time, JUST MY OPINION. I also like making videos about it because it’s far easier to get kill feeds and that

aL_ViPeR says:

Is it available for pc?

GerbenPlayz says:

Is iT not

W Ob says:

SWAT CALL 😀 LA REVANCHE match C’est ici OCB vs wolf…. venez-voir la vidéo!!! Dédicasse à Fredthedoctor Wouf wouf mes chiennes PEACEEEE 🙂

Justice In Gaming_JIG says:

Looks really GOOOOD! I only hope fucking ea games dont fuck this up. Like they usually do!
But actually a hybrid is this game – GTA5 + The Payday + Battlefield +…..
aND gta5 ALREADY HAVE additional the same gameplay, what Battlefield presents only now! ))

Ultrapurpo says:

i love this game, but battlefield 3 and bad Company 2 are much better

Bishi 12 says:

buy buy buy

OfficerBlueLight says:

What are Xbox one servers like nowadays?

Cris Almendras says:

muy buen juego

Maston Mankin says:

Just awesome

Maston Mankin says:
FitnessAndCars says:

how can anyone say this game is great and better than CoD?????? first of all this whole idea was stolen from counter strike! yes! 2. the game play isnt even fluent! jumping throught the window sometimes you can sometimes you cant or you will jump in a slow motion…wtf. loading or exchanging guns in this game seems foreeeeeeeveeer!! you are a swat but you load a gun like a child. 3. i want to play this game not watch ppl playing it get rid of the stupid countdown PLUS kill cam! 4. in my gun i got 30 bullets where 15 are blanks! 5. half realistic half not??? no doesnt go together. 6. ppl are running faster than my bullets wtf? 7. YES ppl are cheating in a shitty game like this with auto aim and rapid fire…shows their skill level = -100 if you need to cheat in a game like this… 8. guns sucks! very poor choice   OK ok lets talk about good stuf in this game 1 graphics GREAT! 2 idea cool even not yours 3? ummm nope…. thats it. overall game sucks! not worthy $60

Evan H says:

I was plain this I unlocked the sledg hammer and hit a door and the door brock

readthis comment says:

This game was the worst FUCKING idea ever ! We wanted Bad company 3 and u give us this half ass shit !!!

AQW JameZ says:

Bad Ass Trailer…..Suck Die game
BF3,BF4 Wins
For Call of duty Players Play hardline NOOB!

Mr Anarchy says:

cs:go + watch dogs + bf4, nothings els, just a new mix of few games…

GerbenPlayz says:

Make batelfield Gerben next yaer

GerbenPlayz says:

Make à kit you van choose avry wapen or gadget

Eduardo Gomez says:

Make a complete fps experience of battlefield 4 on the ps3!!!

Jugal parghi says:

Awesome game

Cd5ssmffan says:

If you don’t like it, don’t play it. All you do when you bitch about this game in the comments, is make yourself look like an idiot.

Karim Afiia says:
JellyNinja says:

Innovative, HA

john benasi says:

Best battlefield for me this and battlefield 4

CrAzyGuY230 says:

When is the next battlefield commin??

EManga TheGamer says:

Sa c’est du jeux

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