Battlefield 4 60 FPS 1080p gameplay

Faça o download da versão em alta qualidade (download full quality version):

O vídeo mostrado durante a apresentação de Battlefield 4 rodava a 30 FPS, está é a versão rodando a 60 FPS que nos mostra melhor como o jogo será em tempo real.

Obs.: Devido a compressão do YouTube o vídeo tem uma queda de frames, se quiser acompanhar em 60 FPS cravados visite o link, faça o download da versão em alta qualidade e execute direto em seu computador.

Desenvolvedor: DICE
Lançamento: 29/10/2013
Gêneo: FPS
Plataforma: PS3/X360/PC/PS4/XONE
Publisher: EA

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IDECFilms says:

I Just want to put this out there but this is not 60 Fps all you tube videos play at 30 FPS max if you upload anything higher it will bump it down to 30 FPS

jonhygatinho says:

the real 60 is in the description -.-

Mikjaash says:

No, it’s battlefield 4.
A lot of things has actually been changed.

Stuff that barely gets changed is cod.

ZeroVelocity says:

This isn’t 60 frames per second at all, its HD but not 60 frames per second. You need to reupload it slowed down.

trimmin420 says:

and how can you tell how many FPS you are getting ?

Ritika Seth says:

hey this channel is Giving a Battlefield 4 and Arkham Origins to its subscribers…Rohitsejwal1991

Edward Martinez says:

because of youtube’s video compression

Lock Gamer Review says:

Download the full quality version to obtain the 60 FPS, YouTube compress the video.

MASTAX1234 says:

how the fuck did you uplaod this and not get a copyright claim? this is bullshit

BunchaDudes says:

Wait a minute. A Battlefield game that actually looks interesting and seems to have a story that is too?

MFK134 says:

But the fraps says ony 35-40 FPS

DoctorRockGames says:

Says there’s 60 fps, only 30, nice

Влад Чернов says:

Мамку твою ебал

MineBloxDK says:

@mastax1234 hr i

MFK134 says:

hey i mean…i opened the application of fraps….and the fraps show the fps of the video….the video is in 35-40 fps…thts what iam saying

based one says:

Peh you can keep your 60fps, makes the game feel much less cinematic like the developer intended. No thanks not for me :P

NoTeImporta says:

Not even real life runs this smooth…

Canal do Estranho says:

Pena que minha calculadora portatil não roda ;(

SmartDonat says:

Какой интересный фильм! Кто его снимал?

Hs Plays says:

Boa! 😀

ROOST er says:

what great quality

Евгений Савосин says:

Hey, why in this video, in English version of game, I could hear Russian language??

Lock Gamer Review says:

Check the description.

Cao Cao says:

+ExtremeVenom5000 “Wait a minute. A Battlefield game that actually looks interesting and seems to have a story that is too? WHAT HAS BECOME OF THIS WORLD”

The game is pretty much Battlefield 3.1. Was that game equally interesting?

Not An Argument. says:

How come Fraps still shows this video is at 35fps?

imSUPERcereal22 says:

reloads after every 10 shots smh dump that clip boy!

heartless569 says:

2:46 Suomi mainittu! Torilla tavataan!

MFK134 says:

k thnx…….nd sorry

mpoympanos kokkas says:

this isnt 60 fps 

trimmin420 says:

at 9:08 in this video you used something that put a orange triangle over the enemy’s head …what was that ?

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