Battlefield 1 Unofficial Closed Alpha Gameplay Trailer – 1440p 60 FPS

——- Everything you ever wanted to know is in the description ——

100% unscripted cinematics and gameplay recorded live during multiplayer matches in Battlefield 1 Closed alpha put together in this little fan made trailer.
Speeches at the begining are real speeches made prior and during World War 1.
Been a while I am working on this one, I took my time I hope for the best! This whole thing was made possible thanks to Hattiwatt1 cinematic tool for Battlefield 1 and of course thanks to the devs for giving us such alpha!

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Orchestral theme from Bad Company

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Miguel Angel Zueras says:

Los trailers de este señor son mejores que los oficiales, muy buen vídeo!

SombreroGG says:

The best possible choice of music you could have made. Amazing!

ST4REX says:


DarkVadekGaming says:

This is absolutely beautiful. One question: are all the things that the soldiers scream in game, or are they added?

unTamed says:


Zhao Ben says:

J’ai des frissons bordel de queue !!

Blintlin says:

Good job!

USNBravo64 Channel says:

Really nice man! Theme song worked perfect!

SpiceCat says:

Gotta say that was pretty great

Samo Adams says:

Masterpiece! 🙂

Disectra says:

Amazing job, really enjoyed it (Y)

rocketrockets says:

Well DICE had to throw their version of the trailer out of their window and start on a new one then…


The Battlefeel at 1:08

iota-09 says:


uuhm… what’s that?

Spyro says:

Can you tell me how to capture the cinematics?

David Lugassy says:

Quand est-ce que EA t’engage? Très beau trailer!

The_Capiltalist says:

Better than the actual trailer

Макс Манул says:


sparky jolt says:

Good job bud. Consider making more of these once the full game launches?

Insulin says:

Лучше оригинала.

unTamed says:


SteezeMcQueen says:

fecking awesome man 😉

The Reni says:

Again a great work (y)

AustiDruc36 says:


Collision says:

Daaamn Vicente! Back at it again with the white vans.

BadumBattlefield says:

where did those red planes come from?

Ok Balls says:

wow bro that has got me so ridiculously keen for bf1 and made me miss the alpha bad. Amazing work mate I couldnt hit the subscribe button fast enough after that. To think thats just 1 level taken from the alpha wow mate just wow.

unTamed says:


NIks NIk says:


Nubes Gaming Battlefield says:

Très bô !

TooDank4Me says:

Omg this is the best Battlefield 1 fan trailer I have ever seen. Definetely deserves more views. Well done man

Anthony Wilson says:

I vote to make this Official

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