Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer

Discover classic Battlefield gameplay with epic multiplayer and an adventure-filled campaign. Experience the Dawn of All-Out War, Only in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 will be available from Oct 21st, 2016 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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“Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes (The Glitch Mob Remix)

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Paul Saidov says:

But can you play as Hitler?

Miguel Escobar says:

why does the song sound way better in this trailer?

Francisco Gallego says:

Man this was last year and this is still an excellent game

SuperCityGamers says:

liked for song

Ross Olsson says:

who else came there to see the likes to bf1 and see how many dislikes bf1 have

Cristian Austin says:

is it bad that I play both cod and bf?

Mikael Bien says:

what is the song

Waha Wahtei says:


cillrend says:

Man, I wish the game was as good as the trailer 🙁 I love battlefield but battlefield one just… sucked, I got it the day it came out and I played for 1 month and had nothing to do, the story was done, I had all guns except the rank 10 guns for support and medic and if you wanted to play you had to be assault or you would be outclassed in every way unless if you are snipping but if you do that you cant fight tanks and dont say “use k-bullets” because they do 5 damage to land ships which is most of what I see besides the artillery truck and speaking of artillery trucks they are op! So I just quit the game and its sad I waited so long and was so hyped and then we get the real game, which isnt fun…

zero_ zero says:

ce é Loko tô toda hora que vejo arepia os pelo do braço

Michał xD says:


Ali Adnan says:

I’m watching this while the game downlading (^_^)

Windows035 says:

when wwi cavemen kicked the asses of ironman supersoldiers

Umut Ergin says:

Wow look at those likes…

TechyShadowFox 17773 says:

Who’s watching this in 2018

Caleb Loudd says:

my entire body just orgasmed

ValadisPrime TV says:

Now im back here allmost a year after this trailer was released, to see if the trailer was over-hyping the game.
but the game is actually just exactly epic and fun as this its shown in the trailer.. #ripCOD battlefield 1 is still better.

Chidorin Stopin says:

GTA 6 when we will fight

alex keskull says:

like like

Christian Bejarano says:

mamenmela prros

I just want to die. says:

Still fapping to this trailer

habla joey says:

It feels like yesterday is it.

Wall Hacks says:

Damn, it is already been almost a year since this came out.

Wouter van Reeuwijk says:


ByNexxo says:


Zach Gaming says:

I bought the game and I’m not disappointed

Nightcaster460 says:

Battlefield 1 doesn’t have AI bots. Thanks a lot Angry Joe, Jackfrags, and other popular youtubers for not telling EA to use that wonderful feature. I don’t like online multiplayer, I’m an old-school type of player. Stupid popularity… -_-

Luka Mladjenovic says:

infinite warfare is better than bf1 in only one thing. Has more dislikes on their trailer than this one likes

Santy Junker says:

sinceramente increíble battlefield mejor título q calle of duty 10 estrellas si se pudiera

BlueBirdStars says:

is the next bf gonna be ww2?

Никита Шатенко says:

What’s the music ?

Kaleb Becton says:

ɬɧıʂ ƈơɱɱɛŋɬ ɧąʂ ცɛɛŋ ɖɛƖɛɬɛɖ ცყ ƈąƖƖ ơʄ ɖųɬყ

EriksoHD niru says:

ihr habt coll of duty infinity warfer gefickt

Rage 2550 says:

I have, but one question for you FROSTBITE, EA and DICE.

WHY THE FUCK IS Lawrence of Arabia A MOTHER FUCKING FEMALE!? What are you guys fucking retarded or something? Just look up Lawrence of Arabia in google and tell me if shes a so called ‘female’.

Noah Salgadinho says:

I’m not saying battlefield is bad because it awesome and I love game companies who listen to the fans when they say what they want to play but all in all I don’t like battlefield that much I would play it any day over cod because even when cod is not futuristic it still sucks but personally I think bf1 was over hyped and not the best game out there (Just My Opinion)

RobloxLetsPLays Aries says:

Fuck battlefield…you mad… I want H3A

mohammad zubaidi says:

fuck battlefield1 cod is the best its just a song bitches

João Feliciano says:

Vai Brasiliam

Dima Krol says:

Stil watchin it. Damn, how did you do that???)))
I can’t understand people who really liked the new cod….

can i get 10 subs without videos says:


person shooters are best

Anonymous says:

I don’t think words can describe how much COD fucked up with Infinite Warfare. At least EA deliver what their fans actually want instead of making a Halo knockoff. I wonder how many COD fans moved over to BF1?

Peter Trast says:

what do you call a gay man on skates?

*Read more*

Xon Pixels says:

call of duty is crying while battlefield is make money battlefield 1 did 9999 damge to activison

gamerpro980 says:

battlefield 1 is full of bug reason because the games look like unfinished and published by enormous asshole (ea)

zombie Boss Gamer says:

everyone sub to my channel plenty of bf1 content

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