Batman Telltale Games Trailer

Batman Telltale Games Trailer

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SullinatorAndBenj says:

A – I am vengeance.
B – I am the night.
Y – I am Batman.
X – No response.

Panda Broski says:

This game :/. If there is no combat, then I am not buying it. I don’t care if the combat isn’t like the arkham series.

Arunn says:


SpeedBoost says:

If this is just the same copy and paste job TellTale has done on all it’s releases since season one of The Walking Dead, then I find it hard to muster up any real hype for this.

princeofdarknessxyz1 says:

batman vs conan

Whoever you are I care for you says:

Looks like I gotta order some good ol kush for this just like for borderlands!

Brandon etwaru says:

so it’s not an action/adventure game?

Alfred Pennyworth says:

The game will be based on story and choices so… Court of Owls might be a good choice . We never saw the Talons in the Arkham series.

Kenjibaby says:


karimkopra says:

the most ugly trailer ever
haw the game looks like >_< ??

God Of Air says:

This a game ?

Dr. Cardus says:

*Thomas and Martha get shot*
Bruce will remember that

Internet Dinosaur says:

Press Triangle to pay respects to parents

LazerDude says:

there better be an option when you are talking to Gordon that says “disappear when he is not looking or be polite and let him finish talking.”

BillCipherGaming says:

My favorite telltale series are Minecraft Story Mode and The Walking Dead. Well here is another one that is for sure on my list!

Qlts Abd says:

I want to play as commissioner gordon investigation and shit beside batman that would be awesome

Jim Kent says:

Finally! Batman never gets a game… A Batman video game…. nobody could see that coming

Abdulla Mother says:

Wtf is this game?

Ryan Sprumont says:

Can someone please explain to me these “batman will remember that” comments? I don’t get them

TriCop says:

Wonder if spaming Q will still be here

MLG Scoopy says:

Oh great, another cutscene/QTE simulator game from TellTale. Whoopdee fucking doo.

Telltale is overrated.

That being said I’m still gonna play this game.

bAAp says:

I’m hoping they give Superman some justice and maybe later after the Batman game, make a Superman game not about the combat, but their style and make it about his mental health and have the game story-driven. Maybe, we could even get a BTAS/STAS esque connection with the two games.

Awww Shttt says:

Episode 1 was awesome fuck the haters cause this game rules!!

Chris Holguin says:

September 13…

Crusism says:

“What? It’s the bat! What’s he doin’ here???!?”

Criminals will remember that.

Luke Dearey says:

Batman is the limit, Star Wars would be the very peak of my temper, but if ever they target LOTR then there will be no curse in Elvish, Entish or The Tongues Of Men that would describe the arrogance that lurks within Telltale’s uncultured and of course disgustingly unoriginal hearts.

zeke 11 says:

Deadmaus should have keep the helmet on

Nambo says:

dammit telltale fuck you

Toshiro Hitsugaya says:

They should make a Superman Telltale game.

Blannaface5 says:

I’m going to be like All Star Batman if given the choices.

theoneandonlyray Rodriguez says:


Tater says:

IGN 11/10

Sean Wattsmoore says:

This could be very great or very shit…

The Sayian says:

is it for ps4?

Dareal Prince says:

fucking trailers that dont show shit but the title…waste of time

Smile2 Anime says:

why dont telltale game make horror game like horror movie .. etc the conjuring .. i bet it will be good game

Mr. No says:

Your parents died
A. Become batman
B. Become batman
C. Become batman
D. Become batman

MegaJf16 says:

these awkward ass interviews jesus christ

Steve Rogers says:

Finally a game that will potentially let us beat the shit out of Alfred

nim ti pirgintii si ti rispindi is cimintiriis says:

supernatural Dean and sam the game

Captain Lightskin says:

By the look of the Screenshot pictures of this game, I have a good feeling that this is gonna have that animated graphics but in Super High Definition. But it should be similar as Batman: Arkham Knight.

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