BATMAN game by telltale games.

Enter the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne and discover the powerful and far-reaching consequences of your choices as the Dark Knight. In this gritty and violent new story from the award-winning creators of The Walking Dead – A Telltale Games Series, you’ll make discoveries that will shatter Bruce Wayne’s world, and the already fragile stability of a corrupt Gotham City.

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GoldDuster says:

I’m sorry but no there is no way in hell i am playing this. not matter what it will be worse than the arkham games so nope nope nope nope nope.

Lesley Ali says:

I swear , Troy baker is always with Laura Bailey

Sparton 44 says:

will this be like the other tell tale games where you mostly talk instead of action?

HiagoDaDepressão ain says:

AFF nooo

gustavo rivera says:

osea que el juego será como the walking dead

put it in says:

batman doesnt look like as much of a badass as he should

SunBro's [T]/ says:

YAY A NEW 360 GAME!! Its been like 2 years!

Cloudy Daze says:

This looks great and all… but does anyone else think there are way too many Batman games out there? I mean, give Spider-Man and Batman a break for a while and show us some new superheroes! Like Moon Knight or Daredevil.

Sbdbdb Bsbdbsns says:

They should do a spiderman one.

Soulcist says:

It’s not going to be like Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, etc., is it? Like all the dialogue, choose this and that, etc.?

zahire Coates says:

oh shit telltale made a game about batman on they are so dope sick.

Abstrakt Beatz says:

The Arkham series are better

SpudMuncher says:

Wait, Bruce smiled? Bruce never smiles! That is making me think that this won’t be a good enough game for batman

galazios ouranos says:

ps3? o yeahhhhhh 😀

Vratt 9111 says:

The gameplay should be like batman arkham series

Pizza Boy says:

just got around to playing tales from borderlands (before my xbox broke) and I gotta say I cant wait for this.

Original Left.Right_Twix says:


Raven Rodriguez says:

I love Telltale games!!!!

My Favorite is Tales from the Borderlands. That one’s funny A.F.!

If there’s one thing about tell tale games though, they should improve the animation of the characters. It’s still too “robotic” and it kinda distracts from the otherwise extremely memorable characters. 🙂

Johnny Walker says:

To save the people of gotham city.

Tyler Outland says:

batman telltale is so good in love every eposide every character ever storty and game play

Rondo Monde says:

Cough cough where’s the Joker? Cough cough

Mutant Chandler says:


Portal C says:

Ehh not looking forward to a Batman game where your control of Batman will be severely limited.

Yuki Terumi says:

because nothing says batman like fucking point and click adventure…

MiguelGamerD66 says:

free in play store?

nobody survives even one bit says:

sucks. i lovef arkham series. not like comic cartoon childsh like this

Superproherohunter Hunter says:

batgod can solo anything

Jack Stryder says:

Bad move having us play as Batman. I, along with others, were hoping to play as a detective in Gotham while Batman is doing his thing. I don’t think the Telltale style of gameplay will fit in with Batman. If you thought your choices didn’t matter in previous titles, this’ll make those games look like a choose your own adventure book. For all I know, this could be badass, but I’m just a little concerned.

UPDATE: Troy Baker is voicing Batman. I’ve heard enough. I’m definitely not getting this game now. Was ruining Two Face in the Arkham games not enough for you dude?

Christis Mike says:

thisngame is absolutely trash. DO NOT BUY its minecraft story mode pay for episodes and you control nothing. its an interactive cartoon fucking lame.

Yeow Wei Wenn says:

Alfred actually sounds a bit like Michael Caine.
I also noticed the music sounds a bit like the the Dark Knight theme.

Double-U Squared Studios says:

i sense a disturbence in the lack of JOKER in this trailer

cleer92 says:


MiguelGamerD66 says:


Jonh Michael says:

to the people who were hoping to see joker or any other characthers this is only ep 1

The Chaotic Gamer says:

Telltale’s second fuck up. Telltale’s style of game does not fit with Batman at all. At least it’ll be better than that Minecraft Story Mode bullshit.

Ward Brueggeman says:

after this can we please have a madmax one? please?

Miguel L says:

1:04 that dude sounds like Sully from Uncharted

Phantom Soldier says:


Alcard6992 1 says:


Young Metro says:

we need a civil war one of these shits

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