Aven Colony ► New Sci-fi City-builder! – Gameplay & Impressions – [Gamer Encounters!]

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A new sci-fi city-builder/colony management sim is on the way, so let’s have an early look at gameplay! What do you think of Aven Colony? Reminds me a lot of Outpost 1 and Offworld Trading Company. If you’d like to see what Outpost was like, click here: https://youtu.be/-3t2MT5Rjg8

Aven Colony Official Site

Aven Colony on Steam

Over my years on YouTube, the channel has grown to a point where I get contacted now and again for sponsorship deals. However, I’m extremely particular of who I partner with and have turned down sponsorships from energy drinks, figurine manufacturers, and a myriad of mobile games. LiquidSky stood out because it’s a piece of technology that I have been talking about for years but never seen an effective implementation of. I talked about it on the channel in this video first: https://youtu.be/1YH_KpqG-E4 After trying LiquidSky myself, although I have a bit of lag due to where I live being far away from the servers, it worked better than I expected and I decided to explore the idea of sponsorship. With the recent ‘adpocalypse’ on YouTube cutting into everyone’s ad revenue, the occasional sponsor can help support channels and keep things afloat. I am still very careful with how I’m going about this and am open to any feedback you might have about the method and choice of sponsorship. Just let me know on any platform you like.


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Nekro .manus says:

This game looks realy good and seems to have a good depth and complexity, as you said. In my opinion it’s just like the (late) Tropico Franchise just in Space, which i realy like, because i love Tropico and i love Space n shit 😀

seltin1988 says:

oh this sounds and looks interesting! i hope the devs add a ailen invasion crises

Idolismo says:

Honestly I love you handle the sponsored video bit. Kudos. Also the game seems to be quite interesting, might check it out, thanks Zakh.

ares106 says:

Damn creeps

El Diablo says:

This is too be honest the best sponser I have ever seen. Its amazing

yonderTheGreat says:

You had me at “Outpost” at the 23 second mark, but I still watched (most of) the rest of the video. Definitely looks like one to watch and most likely buy!

JonatasAdoM says:

I read alien instead of aven

Alex Krycek says:

Dayum, I remember people talked about how we’d be able to rent a remote pc instead of building your own, but I never thought this’ll be a thing during my lifetime.

Kile 188 says:

For me, city building and strategy games are not fun for the game itself but from learning it. I usually stop playing after I understand all the mechanics and never finish all the missions because they are just challanges for what I learned. So being a complex game actually makes me play for more time. As long as the game gradually teaches you the mechanics it can never be too complex.

jdj9 says:

i really enjoy your videos man

GamerZakh says:

A new city-builder/colony management game! What do you think about its complexity? You can vote on the video and let me know in the comments! ALSO, ads disabled as this video is sponsored by LiquidSky! http://www.liquidsky.com to check them out. Note on the sponsorship in the description!

huang george says:

that was fast I didnt even catch the live…
Btw dose the LiquidSky system work?

Mansen says:

I like the premise of the game, but it just doesn’t hit that old Immersion Games / ANNO nostalgia feel for some reason. Maybe it’s the lack of narration and missions? :/

Subscribe Please says:

That looks just like Cities: Skylines

Noah Gaming says:

Nice Game

Rmando Markez says:

I see the channel is growing, good job 🙂

Евгений Булин says:

Hi! Thanks for videos! Just wanted to know if you are planning on uploading Tribunal walkthrough? Thank you and have a great day! 🙂

Petrino says:

doesnt unlock for me for another month.

Andrei Plays says:

This game gives me those old games nostalgia

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