Atomic Society Part 2 ◀ THERE’S A LOT MORE TO THIS GAME ▶ Post-Apocalyptic City Builder

Atomic Society is a post-apocalyptic town/city building game where you must set the laws and decide how society should be run.

​Rule a large settlement that can keep hundreds of survivors alive in a harsh wasteland. Expand carefully and overcome challenges from a dangerous and desolate world. Decide what laws and values your town will have. Create a society that others will admire or dread.

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Skyes PC Spec
CPU: Intel i7-4790k @4.4 GHz


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Tobu – Candyland…
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Damien Granz says:

… and wish it was farther away.
[Week 22] Some citizens find the sight of the Punishment Center is draining their morale, and wish it was farther away.
[Week 23] Some citizens find the sight of the Punishment Center is draining their morale, and wish it was farther away.
[Week 24] Some citizens find the sight of the Punishment Center is draining their morale, and wish it was farther away.
[Week 25] Some citizens find the sight of the Punishment Center is draining their morale, and wish it was farther away.
[Week 26] Some citizens …

Master Splinter says:

i spend most of the time watching this pissing myself laughing… Skye your people dying of diarrhea really agrees with your sense of humour

Damien Granz says:

[CW] At re: Suicide/Euthanasia/Heavy Topics

There’s a large difference between euthanasia due to a terminal illness, or because of permanent brain incapacitation (re: vegetative state, coma) versus helping somebody kill themselves.

Suicide and suicidal ideation isn’t really a choice made in sound mind and health for the doctor ‘to respect’; it’s a condition akin to a disease, it *robs you* of choice; it’s a consequence of somebody running out of mechanisms for coping with mental and/or physical pain. And your ability to deal with these things often ebbs and flows; most suicidal people that attempt and fail to do so, regret trying in the first place and don’t try again.

It’s also why firearms are so dangerous for people suffering from suicidal ideation, because many other methods often will be difficult to use or take long enough to attempt that most people end up ebbing back into an ability to cope with their pain and decide against; where as firearms have such a high lethality rate and require almost no preparation time to give you time to recover your ability to deal with the pain.

But a doctor delivering a lethal injection gives no possibility for any of that, which is what makes it morally wrong, and also isn’t really equitable to say, allowing somebody of sound mind to choose to deny accepting care for or helping somebody end their life that has a terminal illness, etc.

Only Child says:

You could say there was

Much Rejoicing at that innocent mans execution.

*csi miami theme*

sik3xploit says:

Exile would be a good courtroom punishment option if something like execution leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths, or something just for the sake of role play.

srg forge2 says:

Are you sure people are not dying of diarrhea because they’ve gone the way of one of England’s kings?
If you do other know what I’m talking about let me enlighten you.
Once there was a rebellion that got a magna carta, then another king came along and had another rebellion (I think his name is John II I belive) and they took London, so the king ran and found a vineyard that grew peaches and so the king ate many, many peaches and had peach cider, he then went to the toilet because he had diarrhea so he had more cider to relive it but it made it worse, he then died on that very same toilet.
True story that

Manny Kim says:

I am trying to catch up, but man, you’re fast

Charles Anthony says:

You said Diarrhea Plague

simone Carubelli says:

I want this game so badly, but on my steam there isn’t and I dont know why.

jonny5777 says:

It’s so refreshing to see a city builder that isn’t pretty and that makes you think about the ugly aspects of humanity. I for one would love to see a series out of this. I’m even buying a PC just so I can play it. Great episode as always Skye.

Damien Granz says:

The Dew Collectors are just straight up better; the only downside to it is that it requires more storage space (to carry a surplus while the collector is working on the next batch). But it gives .8 water per day, instead of .7 than the well, and it’s also better on labor management as it gives .4 water per worker per day, vs. the well’s .25 water per worker per day.

There are longer gaps between the feast and famine, but as people need a steady amount of water, if you have the space to hold all the water from a harvest long enough to last between the gaps, that’s your only logistical problem, and you’ll want that anyways even with the wells, to grow the settlement or to sustain from any bad events that might happen (like the workers dying or retiring or going to jail).

Provided that the storage buildings don’t have their own workers, at least.

Léo Bertolino says:

Come on man, Carmina Burana ! A classic !

Grungepuppy 99 says:

love the vid ma’am.

Karagianis says:

I just noticed those latrines are made from the carcases of old refrigerators! 😀

Mike Emeritz says:

I always enjoy your playthroughs of these types of games, and I’m definitely intrigued to see where this goes. Still unsure if I would play it myself though. The social politics are a pretty new thing, and I’m not sure how I feel about them yet. Does the game tell you any pros/cons for handling issues in different ways?

Jan Smith says:

You need approximately one latrine for every 25 people. Also, you lose materials when you destroy buildings as you never get back all that was spent building them. You can close working slots by clicking them if you need to free up workers for more critical jobs; you don’t need to destroy the whole building. That being said, as they age it will make any close repair shops have to spend time keeping them standing. I hope they get a proximity visual for other buildings like they do for the guard towers since repair shops and crematories seem very sensitive to placement. Also the prison and punishment center will pull down moral if it is too close to town so a proximity circle would be nice for that too. I’m really enjoying the series; thank you for making it!

colsoyeti1 says:

Skye, I am hooked and I do not know how to resist! Are the children being cooked into stews?

Fred Blues says:

I am sure you figured this out already, outhouses, according to MaTN’s vid on this game, the more the better.

beton 0815 says:

Don’t know what to write…..

Manual do Survival says:

The text on the repair shack says that most buildings need 1 repair worker to be maintained nicely

Joker Jokes187 says:

Dang, I really love this game it’s so amazing thanks for show us this Skye

Flexoking says:

Carmina Burana, Carl Orff…. *silent* don´t know this “song” XD lol rofl
I´m sure you know it, but not under this name. Like the most people. :/

Ranosian says:

Cannibals are useful. Yay *noms a leg of hank*

Shane Smith says:

Lol Fav song Happy Happy Joy Joy, nice Ren & Stimpy shout out

Geo Zero says:

would be good to know why the dude was hanged.

The Diamond Invader says:

I understand liking happy happy joy joy, but no way that is someone’s favourite song.

Lee1978R says:

7 druggies using, 6 murderers swinging, 5 go….ld rings, 4 vegetarians, 3 Hannibal lector’s, 2 transgenders and another Skye storme video for me!! Lol 😉

Z. Anonymous says:

Welcome to a woman’s world, where every game starts off/treats you like a default male. Lol, to you relating starting up as a female to transgenders rather then…actually being a woman. I guess that’s what being a woman is about now though, it’s about being a mentally unstable person who mutilates themselves to feel ‘right”. : ) Good job.

trdi says:

Gonna watch the remaining videos and probably buy the game. Surviving Mars hasn’t convinced so far (but it might after updates) and Frostpunk I wouldn’t buy because of terrible developer and their non-existent customer support. I heard about this game on this channel and I’m intrigued.

Jetroid says:

Would love to see more of this game!

Louis Cypher says:

You betrayed the atomic cult! the horror.

the old brit says:

An elderly care home, next to a church and finally next to a cremated building?
That a depressing site to look at

Kudzu Haiku says:

If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?

Saidsopmac says:

This game shows so much potential. In the religion alone i can see so many pros and cons for each. Exemple catholic vs islam:caths pros- have inquisition, have crusarders/templars, gold tithe…cons no abortion, no homos, no trans…/islam pros – mujahideen, suicide squads, convert by sword, desert traders… cons, sharia…

Hai Bach says:

Good job. Looking forward to the next video.

Felix Winter says:

the day is my enemy – the Prodigy:

Suiteki Mizu says:

might want to build more Storage…

ADC says:

I like the guy who enters the hospital at 14:22 and then throws XD

Raio Verusia says:

The constant repairing would drive me absolutely mad

Trevor Whyatt says:

6 million dollar man…gees you are old 😛

Mike McCormack says:

If you encourge some behavior, people will arrive from other settlements. Population solved.

Diarmuhnd says:

Wasteland Cult Leader Storme, “I have to stand there and educate them .. but i need to finish building this first.”
LOL. Good luck have fun ^^

zombiesingularity says:

Vegetarianism is particularly good in a resource scarce world.

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