Atomic Society – FIRST LOOK (Post-Apocalyptic City Builder)

Atomic Society – FIRST LOOK (Post-Apocalyptic City Builder)
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Atomic Society involves judging controversial real-life social and political issues, including sexuality and several others. It also allows players to set laws and punishments in ways some players might find disturbing or offensive, though you are free to build society the way you believe.

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Profile says:

24:36 i love how you just ignored innocent citizen being executed for a crime he didnt commit

Frondale says:

I just love your video’s and that you are European. You are very entertaining.

evildug b says:

Hellboy ad got you a thumbs down.

traceymacy says:

el presedente!

Kelvin Larrimore says:

I think it would be best not to play this game due to the fact you can just punishment lgbt community. Knowing that kelalis is nothing but homophobic and transphobic we all know that he

James Embry says:

Slow down when you talk.

19hundert92 says:

“Fruit and Veg? ……Vag?”

Tanmoy Biswas says:

kerilas+atomic society = stalin in the making

QUINT34577 says:

God this thing looks awful

Meggy Z says:

love city building game

Wes-N-VA Mid Atlantic Relic and Coin Hunters says:

I am so happy to see another good vid!

Jason Ballard says:

Hey I had this idea years ago! In my head it was set in the fallout universe.

The Leestar says:

“In this town we will show you it is much harder to live than it is to die”

Help Me says:


Landen Isacson says:

Keralis glitching at 25:17 lol

ragerancher says:

The whole world has been destroyed, people are dying everywhere, the future is bleak and hopeless… Ooh a shrub! I am restored!

Yoshi Minamoto says:

” If we close our eyes, it seems beautiful ” — Keralis

Yep u are right, best quote of the day 🙂

Romuland Meier says:

Sure you have death bodys everywhere, but at least you dont have to worry about the catastrophic tropical car drivers …

A very livid Moose says:

You-than-asia, Euthanasia. The act of ‘humanely’ killing people by lethal injection or other methods, and keralis tolerates it. Keralis then proceeds to wonder where all his citizens went.

Joki Gongi says:

Gotta watch ads so you get paid.

IsleofMAN says:


Davnyoko says:

Wants to convert everyone to become an atheist, but puts down two chapels!!

Kenneth Hudgins says:

MOAR! Please!

Brent Seymour says:

After watching most of Keralis’ Tropico 6 videos. I guess I owed him a sub.

Adam Martin says:

Keralis believes in the devil ???

andrius cervonenko says:

“”we have fruit and veg, vag? veg”” 🙂

Eric McQuisten says:

The reviews for this game are “Mostly Negative” on Steam.
Apparently the common complaints is this game is clunky, buggy, it runs slow, and quickly becomes boring & tedious.
That is too bad…. I love apocalypse-style games … but there are a LOT of bad ones… and apparently this one is bad.
Really too bad 🙁

A very livid Moose says:

You tolerated slavery. That means you have like 50% less workers because slaves can’t hold jobs

Lasse Ahrenkiel says:

Well if you hate making decisions so much, let me make a few for you 😉 Say things correctly it’s not like a so, it’s like this and stop calling it masonary when it’s masonry.

George Thomas says:

I am juging you

fredd flinstone says:

this game should be band

Wolfgang Kleinschmit says:

“An eye for an eye” only works until everyone is blind.

IceKnight366 says:

Typical Atheist dictator: making religious practice punishable by death

mohamed hakeem says:

u 37? I dont think theres a newer version of u

Red Menace says:

Holy shit nostalgia. I used to watch your Minecraft tutorials like 5 years ago

Charlene Sipp says:

my 5 year old cousin knows better how to construct and manage a community. wow.

Nighthawk 117 says:

Please revisit this game for a full play through. It has a lot of promise and re-playabilty. Very interesting concepts to tackle.

Nick Gavin says:

why the fuck is the dew collector right next to the crematorium ?

Zourin says:

Promotes Atheism; keeps building Chapels.

Vladimir Fachira says:

I just love how by the end of the game, it looks like one average post-soviet town! ))

Tim Hi says:

Even with Keralis playing, this game looks boring AF

Ricktus Grin says:

Thumbs up for Atheism:-]

Roger Cortijo Lopez says:

por favor diganme que no solo lo vendera Sream…y que saldra en formato físico

Alexa Ongoco says:

“oh what the crap… she shat herself to death aswell!”

Rally X says:

Jewish game

Wilsonions says:

Keralis you should redo rimworld

Olli Rawl says:

war, war never changes

Aethervoid says:

love the game concepts but there definitely need to be walls and roads, and the building space requirements are way too high, also there something to be done with the bodies, kinda weird when you have 2 crematoriums 3-4 latrines and and the streets are full of defecated bodies imho

WanaDie GameKing says:

Keralis you said your an ateist, i would like to ask you why have you come to that conclusion that there is deffenetly no God ? and if there is no God then there is no good and bad do you agree?

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