Atomic Society – Fallout Style Post Apocalyptic City Builder!

Atomic Society Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Atomic Society and check out a city building game where you’ll build on the ashes of a post apocalyptic world!

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Erik Lundqvist says:

I’m so happy I have splat to keep me company when I’m off sick from work 🙂

Martel Morgan says:

This is the one.

Cap'n HeeHee says:

You need to assign workers to anything with that yellow person icon on it (including that dew collector you just built).

Ethan Gray says:

Love your videos can you please play frostpunk I really want to see you play it

Antimony Cup says:

– Professor, what’s another name for pirate treasure?
– well I think it’s BOOTY, BOOTY, that’s what it is.

Neyreyan says:

I played this game for some hours and it’s bugged but the biggest problem is that they made the game unbeatable in this build, they were lazy. The base mechanics are good but soooooo much is missing that i am angry it’s being sold for actual money. And the updates will be slow, about 3-5 years will be neede to fix everything:) I made some videos of the game and end game if people are thinking of buying it(tundra map)

ambi says:

Yo you have a cannibal up in there too! Gnarly little group you got there.

Damian Sitts says:

I’m always a supporter for city builders, but I agree with Splat that the zoom is piss poor. Maybe they could turn it into a game
mechanic where getting watch towers or the like could increase how far you zoom out? Otherwise the game is turning out great, and I’d love Splat to come back to it farther in its development.

Madness says:

1st 🙂

Ples Robertson says:

I want to see u do more

Avoan Black says:

Isn’t Jainism the Hindu Religion with the (real) swastika?

Mr K says:

Regarding sheep metals, aren’t they used to make ewe-ranium?

Ilfart 218 says:

Sheep aint got no good metal to listen to.

Chad Clemo says:

Sorry man, love your content but this game should have been
Looks way to complex to go in dry and push in. You’re a smart guy but that was a rough start.
Again love the vids, your commentary is on point and always entertaining.

The Psychopath says:

As a Welshman, I can confirm, Sheep do not make very good metal.

Matthew Wetzel says:

Do another one!


yes one more pleas

Michael Reed says:

“We need to go to the crappy planet where I’m a folk hero.” -Washburn

Marian Bielcik says:


Lamoura foxxie says:

Plz do more I’m too busy with college to play any new games

Lucid Nonsense says:

Let’s make this a series?

Sura Ventri says:

Looks like Kenshi and Rimworld had a baby.

Christopher Shumake says:


tomppa jomppa says:

A city builder.. again…

Ivoren Ivo says:

i been waitting fo this

addmore Hops says:

I remember watching someone play this not that long ago. Doesn’t seem like it has gone that terribly far.

I’d watch another episode that isn’t entirely a tutorial.

Now that we are getting to the meat and potatoes of the game.

Jan Brittenson says:

Maybe they’re just taking a nap!

Yaume Lepire says:

Wait, you didn’t know about Jainism?

RLHvanDijk says:

I really hope there will ever be a game that is a town building sim but has the age progression of Age of Empires and Civilization. Especially the research of Civ, but in real time.
You are zoomed in on your own town/settlement, but can go on a map where you can see other towns/settlements, wich you can trade with, fight with, etc. Ofcourse even deplomatic relations. And you can even conquer them. You can also settle into new parts if they are empty and suitable.
And just like in AoE and Civ you go from Nomadic age to modern or even future age.

I really think this would be a cool game. Maybe a hard one to make and balance.

Nathan A says:

This seems cool!!

FoxfirePoet says:


Nixc 777 says:

Please more !!! It makes me think of Fallout with the build addon.

Jonathan White says:

They spelled Jayne wrong! This is an affront to the hero of Canton. I love your videos, man. Keep up the good work.

Ozunaga says:

This reminds me of Kenshii

Andrew Winters says:

But imagine if you roofed you house with a sheep? All the other settlers would be jealous of how soft your roof is.

Kivarstra says:

I played about 8 hours of this game, and I personally enjoy where it is going but there could be a lot of improvements. The whole zooming in on the town leader when you send him/her to salvage is more annoying than helpful. I didn’t know the plague popped up after the apocalypse either, but it can run seriously rampant and become out of control. My other qualm is that when a salvageable place becomes bare, they remain permanent structures on the map. I would like for an option to deconstruct it for one final time to scavenge. There are also no animals, at all, on the maps. I hope that the developers add natural dangers, as well as storms/tornados/so-on, in later updates.

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