Atomic Society ► Fallout City-builder!? New City-building Gameplay – [Gamer Encounters]

A Fallout city-builder!? Not exactly, but it’s a post-apocalyptic city-building game where you have to survive the wasteland. [Review code provided] Gameplay is surprisingly promising right now and it could go in all sorts of directions from here. Is this the Fallout city-building game you’ve always wanted or are things missing? What do you think?

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Gamer Encounters Impressions & Reports
Neither a let’s play nor a review. Gamer Encounters is a first impressions format of video game coverage. These are games that I have spent fewer than 2-3 hours playing and can be of titles that have fully released or are still in early access/Alpha/Beta.

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Dreyer Vorster says:

Im a new sub and just want to say love your videos, especially the Emperor series you did, difficult catching you live since im from South Africa

Vittor Bezerra says:

It looks like a really promising game. I like this post-apocalyptic thing.

ares106 says:

That introduction sounds about as badly written, as if I would have wrote it myself 😛

Carlos Calderon says:

Remindme a Lot Burntime, an old DOS game

Jack says:

“people are murdering each other… what they need is, a town hall” – game logic lol


The messenger reminded me of the film (for me pretty good) the postman where in a post apocalyptic world a man takes messages around the wastelands substantially…

Phantom Knight says:


Polished Pebble says:

Is there an area of effect for the buildings? Will the corpse haulers go to the end of the map or just within an area?

yonderTheGreat says:

I had post-apocalyptic hipster player characters before it was cool.

InjuredShrek666Productions says:

Can you try Cataclysm Dark days ahead? Its a cool game

Zexy Warlock says:

saw this on steam and wanted to get it, but kinda reluctant since it’s on early access. looks promising, great premise, graphics is reminiscent of rollercoaster tycoon and wasteland 2. hope it gets a mac port soon.

Flame says:

– Don’t worry! Most of them will die.
GamerZakh The Merciful, 2050 AD

Christian Martinez says:

We live in a SOCIETY.

*Bottom Text*

GamerZakh says:

Are we finally getting a Fallout city-builder? Well Atomic Society is something along those lines and although it’s got a ways to go it’s showing a lot of promise. Was pleasantly surprised by it but what do you think? Meanwhile, if you’d like to see more Gamer Encounters you can check out the full playlist for Two Point Hospital, Tropico 6, and Bannermen

Gummiel says:

Definitely some nice potential there.
That said what does the running man button at the bottom right of screen do?

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