Assetto Corsa FIRST ONLINE RACE! (Xbox One Gameplay)

Assetto Corsa Online Multiplayer Gameplay at Vallelunga!

In this video I take the Mercedes SLS GT3 online around the Vallelunga circuit which is a track I had never heard of prior to this race!

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The best cars to use for each track and class (Forza 6):
My Setup:

►Case: NZXT Source 340
►Processor: Intel i5 4690k
►RAM: 8GB DDR3 HyperX Fury
►Motherboard: Z97-HD3 DDR3
►Graphics: AMD R9 380
►Fan: Corsair Hydro SS
►HD: Seagate 2TB Sata-III
►SSD: Samsung 120GB Sata-III
►Monitors: BenQ 22″ LED (x2)

►Xbox One, Xbox 360
►Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia
►Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Add on
►Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter
►Turtle Beach X04 Headphones
►Blue Snowball Microphone

I use the controller for Forza 6.

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Outro Song
PANTyRAID – With You

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D4rkst3EL says:

learn the track THEN race, it’s very important in a sim to know the track and braking points(like in reality) if you want to race

ferfire9 says:

All the console users bashing on this game…They should already know that this is no cartoon game like gt/forza/gt. This is a simulator with the best physics someone ever made. This is the best way to get a real image of how a car beahves in real life. Of course it is harder for someone that is used to play with arcade games, but with time they start to understand how it goes and then…u will be ashamed to play that shit games, also, this game looks much better on pc on medium settings, dont even need ultra. Of course it looks worse on console, it has limited hardware and can’t handle phycis and graphics at the same time like a pc. For example, to play this game online on pc, u need a powerful i5 to handle it well. It just is a very heavy game, even if it looks like it isnt.

550starfox says:

Cant reply from mobile. Good luck mate.

KNR says:

The race leaderboard seems really slow to update.


I’m currently hating the handling on this game. I can’t play it with a wheel. It’s like driving on ice no matter what set up I use. It’s easier to play with a controller. I’ve driven real super cars on track days and I’ve never experienced the kind of handling portrayed in this game. Very disappointed.

Connor Hein says:

so the weirdest thing happend in the gt league today, when we started it seemed like everyone was driving like a computer and we had no control of our cars. ….

George Ingram says:

Great video Super GT


you have to set rotation 360 & sensitivity around 2 or 3.. I tried these settings on AMG mercedes GT3 & the car is very drivable with wheel FFB set to 28% road FFB 30% slip FFB 15% understeer effects ON, manual gears with automatic clutch ON, all aids off. I shift manually with TH8A thrustmaster shifter sequential.. The car ‘s simply amazing to drive with these settings, very realistc, and the game is amazing in terms of sending every bit of road bump and vibrations to the wheel.. its the best game so far for racing on xbox one and we wait for the DLC’s to be announced

Cats Dad says:

I use a controller and have no issues at all, it works excellently. Although I must invest in a wheel sometime.

Paul Mills says:

Jury’s out on this one. Damn ugly game but if the handling physics are good enough I can overlook that. Hopefully this being more of a sim will mean that most of the clowns will stay away.

Omerta4204 says:

not a bad game,im gonna treat it like i did project cars and watch and learn and wait for the 2nd one and dive into it then,i give the p.c. games alotta credit for making the jump,but it will take some time to smoothe out the kinks and such,but very excited to see assetto corsa on xbox,…i did the same for forza,i was a gran turismo junky, playstation junky,but forza came out and by the 3rd installment hahaha i had sold my PlayStation and got forza and a 360

My Name Is Daniel says:

If anyone is struggling with Controller Racing on AC i did a Settings Video .
Check it Out and If it Helped you Improve on Controller then Let Me Know.
The Game is Playable on Controller . Dont Spend $300+ if you Dont have Too .

Playboard says:

Hi SuperGT and all other racing fans.

The most people that don’t like Assetto corsa are those people that are playing with a controler.

This game is made for a wheel !!!

Yes, the graphic isn’t the best but not so bad.
Who needs the best graphic when you have the realist physic’s in this game? The physic is incredible good. Even Porsche and Ferarri are using this game for they simulators.

Project cars and Forza are Simcades’s, yes even Project cars. Gran turismo … no comment.
If you have a wheel or money to buy one and you’re a racing fan, buy one and try this!

Every car is feeling different. When you are a GT3 fan, i can recommend to start with the BMW Z4 GT3. It’s a good car to get into this game. The Mclaren 650s GT3 and the Lamborghini Hurracan are bit more difficult.
Try some things with the setup and set you’r Traction control right, it will helps you a lot.

Sorry for my bad english, but i got angry when i read that Assetto corsa is a bad racing game 😀

jasjeetsuri says:

Your wheel isnt setup right as you say, your applying way too much steering through some turns causing understeer.

Szymkozbogdanca says:

Could you post your FFB settings? What wheel rotation do you use Is there a option to lock it how it is in real life some cars 900 some less? Game didn’t loose too many frames in your race when I tried online race yesterday I had like 20 FPS hope they will patch it soon

inkub69 says:

nice video. i need to practice more. for now game is to hard for me. but there is zandvoort and lamborghini and nissan. but my wheel is cheap one(whitout force feedback but for forza and project cars is enough. better then game pad. but assetto corsa is so demanding that I need more practice)

I ride around and stuff says:

I’m writing this before watching the video: I’m only here to see the pile up in turn one.

Ukid111 says:

yaaayy. I hoped you’d upload something like this (a differemt game)

sevenbelow1 says:

There will always be wreckers unfortunately!
But I did notice with pcars that kicking and blocking helps or I sometimes used to just pull out of race and people did adjust through practice to become more fair racers?

550starfox says:

Not bothering to learn the track. Stopping in the middle of the track to finish a setup. How is this guy any better than most of the forza players he insists on complainant about in each and every video?

Ryan P says:

Great to see you doing more serious sim videos, i would love to see you do a f1 2016 career.

demonized says:

go back to forza, kid, your driving is disappointing

CosmicEvolution says:

Try using 450-480 turning range, I believe that’s around what the real GT3 cars use. In forza it works out pretty well for me

im2fast4u711 says:

i thought it had automatic dor

Joao Vidal says:

hey super GT i would love to see more assetto corsa

Aaron Clark says:

ive gotta be honest, ive watched a few videos on this game now and they dont make the game look very good at all

i love sim racing games, but it looks very poorly made in all honesty

The all seeing eye says:

I can’t use the steering wheel due to my disability…so i’ll watch your progress…looks ok but not great..I liked project cars but it has a few bugs and sometimes feels incomplete!

Matt O'Neill says:

Try the SCG003

Johny Jackson says:

sure it’s not the ps2 version lol bad graphics

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