Assassin’s Creed Trailer // Re-edited with Game’s Soundtrack

The “Assassin’s Creed” movie trailer re-edited with the game’s epic soundtrack.


Austin Theng says:

This has so much more feels!!! Great edit! 🙂

Maria Krauß says:

Where can I get the music that starts at 00:55?

Gentle Soul says:

Wow this made me tear up a bit

FapCut says:

1000% better

Turok says:

Better than the Song of some Gay Fish

NTitley3 says:

Now that is a Assassin’s Creed live action trailer. Thank you sir!

Philina Dreamer says:

I hope the movie soundtrack is more like this rather than the official trailer.

MinecraftRoleplayz says:

I think they added Kanye West music because of copyright reasons.

Smarky Wolf Reviews says:

Honestly out of all the trailer edits that were made, this is the best one.

Dylan Dowdhari says:

Kanye West has been Assassinated. Requiescate in pace Bastardo.

Bark Medic says:

First off this is by far better than the shit that the studio put out (Which has me worried for the quality of the film itself) so congrats there! Seriously good edit now….

Question for the editor: I want to get into recutting trailers and tinkering with existing works just to practice some editing. I’m not entirely savvy on how to access such video/audio files to edit though. For example how did you get the trailer into a file that you could edit? Once you did what did you use to remove the music? Thank you in advance for your help!

Vincent Pascoe says:

how did you get the stems from the trailer? separate voice lines vs music?

Light Far Away says:

The amount of salt in the comment section about Kanye is insane it’s not like Kanye went up to the audio directors with a gun and was like “put my I am a god track in the trailers mf! Deadass b!”

James-no-more Bond says:

know cuz of u im going to see this real assassination creed music

Roby Attal says:

AMAZING EDIT. Wow. Thank you for doing this properly

OMegaDog says:

Perfect, amazing, marvelous!!! OOOOOH!!!! We need THIS trailer like original! Need MOOORE!!!

Isabelle Vollema says:

this is soooo much better

Depp TiMe says:

For real this gave me goosebumps whie the original didnt…

Portal Mosaico Site de Entretenimento e Cultura Pop says:

The best song edition!

musiclover says:

It’s much better than the original, but it’s still not perfect.

Moritz Perk says:

boring and generic… why do people want to see and hear the same shit over and over again…? and i bet you people would love it if it wasn´t kanye… sheeps! kanye +1

Roland Egresits says:

What kind of standard soundtrack is that?????
Nothing special or extraordinary. Giving this soundtrack some much applaus is for me not understandable.
I think the original makes u hungry for more! and to say is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL is a little bit so much!
Give new things a chance!!!!

the Machine says:

Oh yeah, much better than the droning.

OverMan Show says:


Mirco Janisch says:

if they would make a game for this film, this would be so much better then all the new games since AC 3 (excluded Black Flag, Black Flag was cool)

Erkan K says:

UBISOFT! Thisted is a Assassin’s Creed trailer. AC needs epic music. not hip hop! hope the film will be good. and the Eagle at the end…. This is AC!!!!!!!

Genex SGX Voice Talent says:

A huge improvement. Fuck Kanye West and his shitty rap

Sopikko Pepper says:

now I have to go see it, whos with me?

FeloniousP says:

This is sick! Amazing!

TheMobileChief says:

best fan edited trailer Version IMO!

outlaw says:

fuck kanye west n the kardashians

Harris Alexakis says:

for some reason i imagine jeremy irons playing ezio in AC revelations
a bit younger maybe

Tauriel Moonchild says:

luckily someone relly fixed this <3

juanito arcoiris says:

esa esta mucho
mejor que la mierda de hip hop que pusieron en el trailer original

Sand Shadow says:

THIS IS WAAAAAY BETTER! Jesus, some one give this man a medal

smokeydasharky says:

Wish the 2 official trailers had the same impact on me as yours did.

Sam Jeon says:

It’s MUCH BETTER than original trailer’s music.

Michael Zhoa says:

Holy shit, at first I thought this was just someone playing the AC score over the trailer.. But goddamn, beat changes on point with the cuts! Great work there!

Philip Dunphy says:

This one is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than the original with shitty kanye song.

tristanwylin91 says:

this is still better than their newest trailer…20th Century Fox needs to take notes

Zak McCarthy says:


Krys D says:

they missed an opportunity to use the game soundtrack for this trailer. would’ve made so many fans happy. but you, sir, did an excellent job with it!

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