Assassin’s Creed 3 – E3 Official Trailer [UK]

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You are Connor, warrior son of a Native American mother and British father. As the colonies draw closer to revolution, you will become the spark that ignites the revolution into a full blaze. Your crusade will lead you through blood-soaked battlefields.
You will not only witness history…you will make it.

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Moah Master says:

This pleases my brains so much it felt like I got tickled.

Bear Fails says:

Connor is my favorite assassin

Rainbow Dash says:

the best ^-^

[A1H 7RP] says:

best assassin ever

Ogy! says:

still to this day the best trailer I’ve ever seen

Primal Studio says:

Poor horse 🙁
1 like = 1 horse saved on assassins creed

Коржик says:

Already wanted to play)))

johnp0729 says:

Play this with Amon Amarth’s Cry of the Blackbirds, it syncs up so well

bublajda 20 says:

this trailer is so epic i feel cold and hot at the same time wow

Abel Diaz says:

why couldnt they make the fucking movie like this!?!

FaZe Dank says:

1:48 those guys claarly shot their musket more than 1 time

OllieDeeley says:

Watching the trailer 4 years later, still getting goosebumps and chills. I fucking love it


who agrees the guy at the end looks like the father of Elizabeth swan in pirates of the Caribbean

benyamin assassin says:


Fruzsi Anna says:

Full game:Assasin

Mithrandir 2 says:

I really loved this game,my favorite of all,i end it like 5 times and today,2017 I’m still playing it and enjoying it. Badass Connor motherfuckers!

Joseph Woods says:


Aldo Guats says:

Imagine a barret 50 cal on top that hill.

Ali Al Dehaybes says:

Weak story although it’s all connected starting from Altair, Altair is better than this part, the story is as important as the graphics.

jastaR S says:

The music when he goes berzerk daaamn!!!!!

Faceless Gaming says:

to this day one of the bad ass trailers iv ever seen

Nicklas Mortensen says:

Start the trailer muted at 0.25 and use ‘Imagine Dragons – Radioactive’ as sound. You’re welcome.

Dr Clef says:

Assassin Creed 3:One man army Lol

misbah mohd says:

Heeree is reeally full and goood qualityyyy Assassin’s Creed =>

TheRealistOne says:

Still one of my favorite AC trailers of all time

shmoo says:

connor that one assassin that will do the impossible in front of some people and make it seem like he’s showing off

JordiSVelasco says:

1:45 Como cuando vas perdiendo y entra un hacker xD

luis rivas says:

I don’t know much about these games. I know it was out for ps3, is this game out for ps4?

Ben Dingaling says:

2:18 dumbass doesn’t reload gun for later use

Oliver Edwards says:

2:24 Get this man a sandwich…

tc gonzalez says:

makes you proud to be American lol

starkiller says:

I just liked this game because it was set in my favorite time period

skaba says:

if they made an ac game and you play as a native, they better make one for australia, and you play as an aboriginal

Talip Yurdakul says:

En sevdiğim

Tyson Ly says:

he’s like.. FUCK he knows I’m a Templar.. I’m so FUCKED

Conrad M says:

Protagonist physics: shoots through enemy at 1:35 to kill another, then blocks ten shots at 1:38 with another body. Still a great trailer though

LeafyIsHere says:

fuck the brits

Just Be Gamer says:

Can we see him again.

Johnny Vassoe says:

still watching this, so awesome

Alex Marquez says:

Mandela effect back then when he said “they speak of liberty and justice for all” but now it’s WHO WTF????

pornhubhatesme says:

I just can’t get over that inbred looking fuck near the end when Washington looks down from his horse. I named him fuckleberry

Trung Nguyễn says:

connor have a great skill

Greg Crist says:

This video gives me erection

Faceless Gaming says:

so many memories

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