ARK: Survival Evolved – ISLAND RACE TAKE 2! S3E82 ( Gameplay )

NEW ARK: Survival Evolved – ISLAND RACE TAKE 2! w/ Sl1pg8r! Taming epic Dinosaurs and Funny Moments! Today we race Mazion around the island. Time for payback!! Check this out! Oh, also there’s poop.

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Intro/Outro Music by: Topmass
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TurboT8er says:

Y’all should do a long version where you go through the snow biome

unagi takanashi says:

i live at the waterfal near the red tower

kohinoor786 says:

Destroying the torches and walls is goin to be a pain in the butt.

Jessie Taite says:

you sound like,hike plays

MDSquirrel1 says:

These types of roads should connect everyone’s bases so they can travel and see each other with land Dinos easier

Cj Hayter says:

ark happens

Corbin Hoffmaster says:

ummmmm.. why didn’t people like this one as much?

Tidy Couch says:

anyone hear the scream at the end?

Jose Rios says:

el. vídeo este. chido pero. habla en. ingles

Miranda M says:

Never mind later I’m gonna be going to the store with my mom

Scott Prtchard says:

you should race your dinos

Its CJ says:

Stimberries restore stamina, so if you keep them, you can eat them while running to keep going for longer

goldeneyekiller101 says:

its 30 health….not percent

Will Dear says:

I wonder, because pumping oxygen is twice as good as movement speed in water, would pumping a massive amount of oxygen and swimming it be faster than running?

Rachel Haworth says:

Race around the north island as a tie breaker

ChunkyMonkeyMan N says:

Slip go tame a giga with Z!

griffin gear says:

call a Sacco super g8r. for slipg8r

Jose Rios says:


Beany says:

your so funny aka the best

Chris Moffitt says:

the great Trump wall

Luis Blanco says:


Blade302 says:


Sandy Fox says:

You can tame onycs there like the spiders you have to use bug repellent to tame it sl1pg8r

GPS Gamer says:

You are the best YouTube ever

Dimitri Crump says:

he was near hike house

Imperator Rex says:

I love how you could faintly hear at the end someone dying

Brandon H says:

you should do a race with no rules besides not being able to bring anything from your base and you have to start at the very bottom of the map and end at the top and once you both get there you fight to the death if you tame any creatures during you journey though you can use for the fight of course


I have an ascendant T-Rex saddle blueprint on Xbox One if anyone wants to trade ascendant saddle I will take a 170-200 bronto my gamer tag is AK NINJA GOOSE

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