Anno 2205 Gameplay: EP1: Diesel Corporation! (Futuristic City Building Series 1080p)

NEW SERIES! Anno 2205 is the Sixth installment of the City Building Franchise from Ubisoft! Game comes out on November 3rd!
Today we look at the basics and have a bit of fun!


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poilboiler says:

Nic Papawhatever looks really sketchy, like he sells bootleg “adult entertainment” on vhs behind a supermarket.

Amazing Smasher says:

This game is cool been watching others play this and you are the best so far

Teresa Alaan says:

Who could dislike this maybe they are jealous

Heiko Eberle says:

This should Be under NDA until Release. Risky…

Cookies Bass says:

Why you can play it before the release starts at 00:00 CET?

Shakaama says:

OH MAH GAWD he’s playing this.

i’m so jealous i’m turning green and as a Black man that’s impossible.

Debjyoti Gorai says:

What would happen if there is no credits ?

Игорь Калугин says:

i hate you =) why you can play already

gloryfire21 says:

wooot your so lucky 🙂

General Nacho says:

I finally found your channel again 😀 I lost my subscription to you after subscriber purge

Cookies Bass says:


Rekalty says:

Watching you build hurts my head, and triggers my OCD badly… It’s just too random, and all over the place.

Rekalty says:

The game seems to be having some framerate stuttering, is that due to you recording it, or does the game actually struggle to run at a stable framerate?

adrian simental says:

such a wild imagination. The moon will Never be populated like this. I can see Mars of other earthlike planet but this is just too wild to even believe

Tomislav Habulan says:

i was waiting and hear we go another great searis

Shakaama says:

i’m the 3,777 view. it is a holy number if you believe in numbers.

Kevin Dean says:

Seagulls at 6:02 !!!!

Saman Ali says:

My OCD was kickin in watching the road laying lol very entertaining though! Can’t wait to get this game.

Turil says:

Are you a parrot?

XxkylergamerxX says:

when im in heaven i will miss the 20s

Hu Jiaming says:

It is the best city building game ever!!!

Will Caver says:

You should have more followers

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