ANCIENT CITIES – Gameplay & Kickstarter (Strategy & Survival City Builder)

ANCIENT CITIES – Gameplay & Kickstarter
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Ancient Cities is a strategy and survival city builder game trough the ages. Starting in the Neolithic era you will have to guide your people through generations, discovering and improving technologies, managing resources and population, facing your human or natural enemies, and ultimately, building the most fantastic city of the antiquity in a fully simulated world and ecosystem.

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AshtraskaPanthera says:

I can’t wait to play this and also see what you do with it. It’s definitely a game for you 🙂

despooh says:

dude! i realy miss eurotruck simulator!

LinusNilsson says:

Don´t think the kickstarter will make it.. To big of a goal for a game like this imo…
And it is too far away.. Beta access summer 2018, Nah to big of a risk not even getting the game later on :/

Shadow136 says:

This game honestly looks so amazing. I’m just doubtful because they’ve raised just over half their goal and have four days left, I feel like it would be a big shame if they cancelled production but four days for $50,000 seems like it’s not really gonna happen

Elisabeth Shade says:


chromakeydreamcoat says:

I subscribed to their channel a few weeks ago, I agree, it does look breathtaking, I really hope it delivers. Oh and I hope it has a first person feature like Life is Feudal Forest Village, the ability to build and then go and actually experience and live in your creation is a big draw for me personally.

Ubizon says:

Looks amazing! I backed them immediatly, this game needs to be made!

Max Gon says:

0:05 Oh I can see some triggered feminists 😀

Crossrider Gaming FPS says:

YESSSSS!!! Finally you make a video about this game, thank, I loved this game, will be the best in World!!!! 😀

MovieBoysHD says:

Cool game but where is the Life is feudel forest village series?

Janko Keyboard says:

yo keralis when is this game possibly getting released

Kirshmen Vladivski says:

I hope this wont be a disapointment

Phillip Sauter says:

i love this game, plz. play it more 🙂 just on a bit hyer tempo

Mount Vernon crew Music says:


MegaPhycoKiller says:

i don’t have a lot of money to buy games but if i did i would definitely put this game on my list

schwartzy65 says:

looks awesome! and btw keralis you should try prison architect

Bill Billinger says:

This looks amazeballs

chuckcrunch1 says:

shut up and take there money

candratzz says:

I would love to play this game, cant wait it starts!

Skibitth - Youtube Gamer says:

I’ve seen this game for some time. Since the creators post it at the beginning. It looks amazing!!! And I can’t wait to be released and play this bad boy! 😀 Big thumbs up for the game for you Keralis cause with this video you will help them out to gather more help from those who want to donate.

fred durst says:

I’ve been waiting for this game for quite some time what is the full price of it?

Aaron Eggers says:

*with misty eyes I look upon this beauty, haha. this game looks beautiful and well done, even for alpha. This definitely has Keralis written all over it and it will definitely be a game I will purchase the moment it’s available. So here’s to hoping it makes it all the way and even more!

Herakles der Thebaner says:

As a gaming archaeologist I have a natural interest in this beautiful game and I am following the developement for some time. Thanks for supporting it on your channel, Keralis. I am very excited to build my own prehistoric settlement one day and of course seeing you play it.

Freek Vonk says:

Keralis, you should contact the makers of the game to extend the deadline!!

Leeze Lawrence says:

@keralis look up Saelig on steam.

Quinten De Vriese says:

Keralis, is This going to repllace anno 1404? I hope not

CommandoX798 says:

I so need this game, looks pretty awesome.

Rixardo Syarkfit says:

where is Life is Feudal Forest Village – Ep. 16 ??

Ghanyysa Kill says:

i wait for it dude

TeeanagerGamer says:

wtf keralis where is witcher 3

Harrison Siegel says:

1:32 did I see Stonehenge?

Piggalishis Piggy says:

why is he playing air conditioner

The Gaming Monkey says:

this game looks amazing

Conan The Canine says:

Good to see you share their video man, time is running short and they need their funds quickly.

Xanny says:

Sadly, this game won’t get funded at Kickstarter since they only have 50K out of 100K, and the deadline is in 4 days. 🙁
But who knows, maybe magic can happen. (or just a millionaire donates)

SamEffect says:

this game logo looks like 2 butt cheeks 🙂 Can’t wait to see gameplay from you Keralis.

The Fake Dude says:


KenGamer 98767 says:

please do minecraft videos!!

Tudor Dacian says:

@Keralis, this is amazing! Can`t wait to play it… actually I can`t wait to see YOU play it.

Adora Camaliga says:

Keralis, you should play Colony Survival. It’s a great game to play!

OakhheartIX says:

I hope your video helps them to raise enough funds. I’m afraid they aren’t going to be able to as they only raised half what they need in 10 days and there are only 4 left! WHich is a shame because it looks like an awesome project and what they have done so far looks amazing

Hope this helps them !

Choli Zaragoza says:


Orange says:

Ok… Soooo If everyone of your subscribers gives them 1 euro then they would raise ~1.700.000 euros.
If half of your subs would give them 1 euro then they would raise ~850.000 euros!
If a half of your subs gave them from 1 to 20 euros they would raise ~7.690.000 euros!!
If a third of your subs gave them from 2 to 5 euros THEY WOULD RAISE ~1.983.030 EUROS!!!
Phew… Now we are getting somwhere…
If a third of your subs gave them from 2 to 5 euros THEY WOULD RAISE ~1.983.030 euros
two thirds of your subs gave them 1 euro then they would HAVE ~3.116.362 EEEUUURRROOOSSS!!!! AND THAT IS A FORTUNE, BECAUSE IT’S AROUND 3.481.443 UNITED STATES DOLLARS!!! … … wow …
So now with this info my plan is to donate 1 euro per sub or more.
Then the project would have sooo much more funds than they need! It would be awesome.


Side Note:
some of my maths can be incorrect.

Mark Kelso says:

You’re right, it looks fascinating, so OK, I did it. My FIRST Kickstarter contribution. Now look, if this works, you guys better have me a game ready to play for next Xmas, right? Right. Good luck!

Tony Gagz says:


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